Apr 11, 2021


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Te Ture Whenua Maori Act is to be overhauled – Waatea

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The Government has appointed an expert panel to review the act which governs the 5 percent of land still in Maori ownership.

It will be chaired by lawyer Matanuku Mahuika of Ngati Porou, and includes lawyer and Paraninihi ki Waitotara management committee member Tokorangi Kapea, PKW Chief Executive Dion Tuuta and businesswoman and Film Commission chair Patsy Reddy.

Associate Maori Affairs Minister Christopher Finlayson says the aim is to unlock the economic potential of Maori land for its beneficiaries, while preserving its cultural significance for future generations.

He says as Treaty Negotiations Minister he has seen issues affecting the performance of Maori land, including the cost of complying with the current act and the processes of the Maori Land Court.

The panel will report in December.


3 thoughts on “Te Ture Whenua Maori Act is to be overhauled – Waatea

  1. This is a more than just a job, it will affect the owners and Tangata whenua for generations. The fact is maori lands are currently red taped away from maori owners rights to independent management. The crown courts and banking system get the first fruits of the land. In many cases the crown pays themselves many times over in the administration before arguing to keep the balance to cover it’s own costs. We all know these arguments can take generations. At the end of state leases and tenancies, the crown attempts, often successfully to claim the land as it’s own by whatever crafty method is available through the system of law lawmakers write. If I am wrong correct me. If I speak the truth then consider my points of concern when writing. What I know is that the prosperity or poverty of maori people in years to come can come down to a strike of your pens.

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