Apr 12, 2021


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Words of Defiance by Chanz Mikaere

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Disillusioned with contemporary leadership:

My vote has been wasted on service from lips!


Dreaming of possibilities they say are illusive

Our ancestors wishes ever inclusive

As Te Iwi Maori, we stand at a crossroads

Our direction will affect all those

Who have futures yet to be written

Who will take power and need no permission!


Spurred by a kaupapa with belly fire

To Tino Rangatiratanga we all aspire!


The disenfranchised, disillusioned and dispossessed

My karanga is to you to rise to the test!


Private decisions and agendas hidden

Accept the blankets: flea ridden

Of Land and Sea, Earth and Water

I am TANGATAWHENUA, Papatuanukus daughter!


An annihilation of hapu and redefinition of iwi

By disconnected analysts who identify as Kiwis


Cloistered protocols of a bygone age

Attempt to suppress Tangatawhenua rage!

A Tero-ist I am and duly proud,

My camou-whawhai cloak, Hinepukohus shroud


The kaupapa continues, we will not be beaten

All Tresspassers will be eaten!


About Chanz Mikaere

Of Te Arawa and Mataatua descent, Chanz has just completed her Master of Maori Visual Arts thesis with Toioho ki Apiti, Massey University.

Chanz has been a practising Artist for 12 years dabbling in diverse media ranging from glass to printmaking, sculpture, painting and weaving.

For those who are interested in Kapahaka, the most recognised piece of Chanz’s work to date is the stage backdrop of the Te Matatini National Kapahaka Competition 2009.

She is a poet and writes political commentaries to complement the Art making.

Click here to view a Gallery of her work

3 thoughts on “Words of Defiance by Chanz Mikaere

  1. awesome poem I’m sure allot of indigenous peoples can relate to this one.

    “Our direction will affect all those

    Who have futures yet to be written

    Who will take power and need no permission!”

    Ae tautoko, when will our leaders of this generation step up.

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