Cairo meeting agrees on steps towards lifting Gaza siege


In what looks like a historic meeting in Cairo, Egyptian president Mphamed Morsi and Gaza premier Ismail Haniya have agreed on a raft of concrete steps that will start to lift the crippling siege on Gaza.

The two leaders agreed on:

(1) extending border crossing hours,

(2) increasing the number of Gazans with free passage and,

(3) perhaps most significant of all, boosting oil supplies, hooking Gaza into the Egyptian power grid and building a gas pipeline into the Palestinian enclave which will eliminate Gaza’s current dependence on Israeli energy sources.

This is great news indeed! The people of Gaza look like they’re emerging from a dark place into the light at long last, and their determined resistance has been assisted by many supporters worldwide, including Kia Ora Gaza in New Zealand.

Egypt takes concrete decisions towards ending Gaza siege

Egypt takes concrete decisions towards ending Gaza siege


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