Apr 17, 2021


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Ma Te Reo Funding Round Open

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Tena koutou katoa,

For more than 10 years Ma te Reo has supported community projects to further increase Maori language use, proficiency and strengthen the ability of communities to lead their own Maori language regeneration. During that time Ma te Reo has funded more than 900 initiatives nationwide.

A living language is a developing language, and it is widely known that reo tuku iho or inter-generational language transmission is the key to sustaining a living language, says Glenis Philip-Barbara, Chief Executive Officer, Te Taura Whiri i te Reo M?ori (the Maori Language Commission). M? te Reo was established in 2001 to directly reach communities and contribute to local M?ori language regeneration. Consistently since Ma te Reos inception the demand and uptake of support of Ma te Reo from the community has exceeded expectations. As such, we are pleased to confirm that Ma te Reo funding rounds for 2012 and 2013 to continue this support in the community.

Research in 2011 shows that primary outcomes of Ma te Reo initiatives included promoting te reo Maori; creating and supporting more te reo M?ori domains and resources; strengthening recognition of te reo Maori; and increasing acquisition and use of te reo Maori. Secondary outcomes included supporting ongoing commitments to learning te reo Maori; pursuing opportunities to speak te reo M?ori and increasing opportunities for collaboration of community initiatives.

Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori acknowledges all of the Ma te Reo providers over the last eleven years who have contributed to the regeneration of Maori language in their communities, whanau, hapu and iwi. We look forward to supporting exciting community Maori language initiatives for another two years.

This Ma te Reo funding round opens on Monday, 23 July and closes on Friday, 31 August 2012. To apply or more information visit us at www.ma-tereo.co.nz or call free on 0800 MA TE REO (0800 62 83 736).

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