Apr 15, 2021


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New Making a Difference Fund round now open

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A new funding round is now open. Go towww.thinkdifferently.org.nz

It closes on Monday 3 September 2012.

The Making a Difference Fund is part of Family & Community Services’ Think Differently Campaign – changing attitudes and behaviours towards disabled people. The Fund is an annual grant that supports social change initiatives at the community level

The Fund supports communities to develop projects that mobilise change at a local level. The Fund gives priority to projects that are collaborative, have support from across the community, and have a clear plan to effect local change.

The Fund supports project that align to the wider Think Differently campaign objectives which are to:

  • – increase knowledge and understanding of disability
  • – increase the personal relevance of disability for all New Zealanders
  • – mobilise personal and community action for positive change
  • – address the social environment that tolerates or accepts exclusion of disabled people.

This round will encourage a wide range of projects including those that focus on changing attitudes and behaviours of employers. Employment is a key priority area of the Disability Action Plan.

Read more at: Go towww.thinkdifferently.org.nz

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