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Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Hosts Messaging Workshop and Demo Day

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Over 100 Wireless Technology Professionals and Analysts Converge to Discuss the Future of Mobile Messaging

BROOKLYN, NY–(Marketwire – July 23, 2012) – The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) announced today the availability to the public of presentations given July 12, 2012 at the OMA Messaging Workshop held in Brooklyn, NY. The workshop was held in conjunction with the OMA Demo Day and brought together technology professionals from across the mobile industry to discuss the merits of standardized fully interoperable messaging, as well as future directions for messaging technology.

“The OMA Messaging Workshop offered an open forum for technology leaders to discuss the history of messaging interoperability and the achievements standards have allowed us to make, as well as to debate the future of messaging and the standardization needed to serve a variety of messaging applications and the networks upon which they run,” stated Kevin Holley, Vice Chair of the Board, OMA, who chaired the workshop.

Presenters included representatives from organizations such as Samsung, SK Telecom, Telecom Italia, AT&T, Comverse, Ericsson, Huawei, The Mobile Entertainment Forum, OpenMarket, Drakontas and Telefonica. In addition, views were presented from mobile industry analysts Dean Bubley and Alan Quayle. Information was exchanged regarding the various forms of messaging, including SMS, RCS, “over-the-top” models and in-application messaging.

“Mobile messaging is a global success story and OMA is once again demonstrating its standardization leadership and future insight to the worldwide messaging community,” stated Mark Cataldo, Chairman of the Board, OMA.

The entire workshop, as well as the OMA Demo Day, which showcased demos of a variety of OMA enablers for messaging and other applications, will be made available on video in the coming weeks at www.openmobilealliance.org.

About OMA
The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) delivers open specifications for creating interoperable services that work across all geographical boundaries, on any bearer network. OMA’s specifications support the billions of new and existing fixed and mobile terminals across a variety of mobile networks. Driven by the global demand for mobile data services, the member companies of the Open Mobile Alliance support the adoption of new and enhanced information, communication and entertainment solutions.

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