Whanau a Apanui celebrates the dismissal of charges against Elvis Teddy


A sigh of relief has swept over Te Whanau a Apanui with the news that the charges against Elvis Teddy, the skipper who was part of a flotilla protest against oil exploration off the East Coast, have been dismissed.

In April, the skipper and fisherman was arrested after he joined a protest which sought to blockade a Brazilian survey ship owned by the oil giant Petrobras, as it attempted to enter the Raukumara Basin.

The charges were dropped after his lawyer argued that the protest too place outside of New Zealand’s nautical mile zone, meaning NZ courts had no jurisdiction.

The court heard an exchange between Teddy and the Petrobas vessel where he said he was not protesting but “defending tribal waters and our rights from reckless Government policies and the threat of deep sea drilling”.

The Ocean Explorer was doing the first seismic study of the Raukumara Basin since the Government awarded Petrobras a $151 million five-year permit in 2010.


  1. Please allow me to put an alternative view on this result. First the preface: the wrong people were charged i.e. the trespassers in our waters and their accomplices should be facing charges. Now… this result could conceivably be used to say anyone can exploit the waters around us excluding 12 nautical miles. We would lose a lot to accept this nonsense and I put it to you that this is why the Crown magistrate was instructed to decide that way.

    This is why all Kiwis and those enjoying our hospitality should be interested in Hapu being recognised as the kaitiaki within the Rohe including customary fishing reaches.

  2. Hari ana te ngakau. Elvis Teddy is a very brave man fighting for a just cause. Can’t help thinking that it suits the powers that be for the spotlight to not shine so strongly on his actions…


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