Apr 12, 2021


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Registrations open for councils Driver Directions course

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Rotorua District Council (RDC) is taking registrations for its October Driver Directions course for young drivers wanting to get valuable driving skills and practice on a safe off-road environment.

The free course is on Tuesday 9 October at Taupo Motorsport Park.

Driver Directions involves qualified driving instructors and police taking participants through practical driving skills, accompanied by parents or caregivers.

RDC Road Safety Coordinator Jodie Lawson says Driver Directions is a valuable opportunity for teenagers on learners and restricted licences to practice their driving skills in a safe off-road environment.

Involving parents means both students and parents become better educated and informed. Its a free course but a valuable investment in young drivers and their parents lives.

Its so seldom that an opportunity like this comes along for people. Most parents cant believe the course is free, when it would normally cost in excess of $300.

Putaruru mother Anita Syben and her daughter Nicole Durie attended the councils last Drivers Directions course in July and found it both enjoyable and worthwhile.

The course supported what we as parents have tried to pass on to our daughter. It had previously been shrugged off with yes mum, yes dad but not really getting through to her properly.

“With professionals sitting next to her and basically saying very similar things it has finally clicked and the brain has turned on.

There are limited spaces on the free Driver Directions course so those wanting to participate should register by calling Rotorua District Council on 07 348 4199 as soon as possible.

Drivers must have a learner or restricted licence, their own car, and have a parent or guardian with them at all times when they take the course.


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