2012 Conference Land Resources Conference, 20th- 21st September


On September 20thand 21st, 2012 in Rotorua, Te Arawa Federation of Maori Authorities and Maori Research Institute Inc. will host a unique conference for land owners and managers.

Speakers will address Land use and the relationship to R&D, primary industries economic outlook from a banking perspective, the impact of regional and central government policy regarding nutrient leaching, land use options such as goat herd homes and marginal land maximised with layered Manuka plant products, land management systems, water quality, soil health, Maori assets and their role and contribution to primary sector performance, agribusiness education, geothermal and the expansion of that to compatible industry from biofuel to geothermal powered processing plants and hot water aquaculture options, the opportunities for global market share development and joint venture agribusiness on a global scale.

All productive land use is a business model, Business is Business – Steps to Market is a rapid fire time efficient overview of all the component issues related to land use throughout New Zealand, but gives an up to date perspective and networking. Speaker profiles and topic information are available.

More information and registration information is available on linewww.maoriresearchinstitute.co.nzandwww.tearawafoma.co.nz

Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Thank you

Tom Walters
Phone: 07 533 1533
Mobile: 027 533 1007

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