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Bow Wow takes to Facebook to explain his “cultural arrogance” of the #haka (+video)

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US “rapper” Bow Wow, reminded us that just because you are a celebrity doesn’t mean you have the mana (or prestige) to be deserving of a powhiri (welcoming ceremony). Whanau on Facebook and the ones TangataWhenua.com spoke to felt his arrogance was signal enough that he wasn’t worthy of such a welcome.

The teenager took to his Facebook to explain why he snubbed the indigenous Maori welcome saying that he had asked the group to preform “AFTER” he had finished shopping, saying:

I even told you to tell them perform after I grab my phones so I could check in w/ my family. I gotta 1 yr old too stupid! My moms & family imortant too. Respect that or nuffn. Stupid ass lady.” (sic)

What do you think whanau, was it just a miscommunication, or is it another example of cultural arrogance that we see of those who live in bubbles of celebrity, wealth and fame?

  • Here is a linke to Te Kaea’s piece – have a look and tell us what you think:

Here was our favourite reponse to his ignorance from our fav Ninja:

(TV3) New Zealand’s TV3 reported that the kapa haka group waiting at the airport was left stunned, member Aaron Henare says.

He was like oh I dont want to f-ing do this, i dont want any part in this at all, i just got off a flight, I just want to get out of here.

Bow Wow left to the Vodafone store 10m away where he was informed he’d broken Maori custom.


And they were like oh well can they do it now, Mr Henare says. When the lady asked me I said does this reaction of our group look like we want to do it now?

Like others reporting his arrival I tweeted this last night:

“Bow Wow arrived in AKL, ignored Powhiri, walked straight to Vodafone shop. Kapahaka group refused to redo it and went home.”

But that tweet saw 3 News blacklisted when Bow Wow appeared at a West Auckland mall today.

His minders said Bow Wow was furious and he had powerful friends like Nicki Minaj and Snoop Lion in his corner.

However when Snoop visited New Zealand, he quite enjoyed his powhiri.

Bow Wow’s promoters said he had been given a tough time at customs and didn’t know how significant the powhiri was.

The rapper has since taken to Facebook to respond to the situation, and this story.

I hate when a mafuka try to speak on shit when they wasn’t there. Screw that reporter for running her mouth. How bout you talk about how i signed every autograph for every fan in that mall today. Or how about taking pictures w/ the under aged kids who cant get in my show tomorrow because they not 18. How about the great interviews i gave new zealand press outlets here today at my in store because they were more professional than the bullshit reporter stalking me in the airport with her microphone all in my face after a 4 hr flight. You think ima stop for you? i already dont like “Some” Media Outlets and this why i dont do interviews. Not one of my fans complaining. They love me! Just like i love them! As long as “My Fans” the ones who bought them tix to my show, the ones who sells out my concerts, i came for them. Long as they smiling thats all i care about. So save the bullshit. Its YMCMB and My New Zealand fans are fuck’n awesome and have been great. I ve been able to get out enjoy the city, nice spots to eat. he women are just how i like em. Far as im concerned im enjoying my time like crazy!! Tomorrow will be a packed house, full of love and positive vibes. I just might not allow no reporters to my show. Just photographers. hats just how the Dog feeling. WORD!” he wrote.

TW.com Eds: Actually last we checked, hundreds of “ex” fans took to his Facebook page to chronicle their disappointment, a simple apology might have been enough initially, but the continued arrogance shown, says it all doesn’t it.

Read more:http://www.3news.co.nz/Bow-Wow-had-tough-time-in-customs/tabid/418/articleID/269763/Default.aspx#ixzz26xWMdsgY



59 thoughts on “Bow Wow takes to Facebook to explain his “cultural arrogance” of the #haka (+video)

  1. LMFAO!!! ignorance and money must be bliss aye…you aint shit anyway! your music is kaka and your swagg is paru! take you 4 hour flight back to a**-hole ville and come up with another pointless rant about how fan-tab-u-luss you rekon you are! xoxo Kaysei

  2. i think its tokenism, using maori to perform a powhiri in such a place anyhow. Depending on who they are , it shouldnt be used so flippantly.

  3. His actions can’t be justified, he was out of line and couldn’t even cough up an apology in his statement he wrote. As much as that gets to me i cant help but think to myself why are we laying down the taki, doing the karanga and perfroming a haka p?whiri for every man and his dog upon entering NZ. It think its time our iwi leaders got together and looked into this issue at a depth it hasn’t yet been explored. At the moment contracts are divided up between certain companies to see who will get the contract to p?whiri the next celebrity coming into our country. This is a showcase in my eyes, they are in a airport!

  4. Do you really think he disrespected the Maori culture?? All he wanted was to call his family after a 4 hour flight! what made things worst is the reporter being in his face pissing him off! he didnt dis respect the culture, he didnt even know about it! im pretty sure they could have given him time to call his family first! cause family comes first! yeah he could have taken sometime to watch the HAKA, however he just wanted to check in with his family! Hes a busy person! Too be honest i dont even know why Maori waste there time doing the haka for people like that anyway! if it was someone who is highly repected, who has great significance in this world, then yeah sure! but if its just another rapper, who raps about bullshit, do you really think someone like that deserves a haka? stop wasting your guys time! Perform the Haka to peeople who deserve it!

  5. Getting sick of hearing: ‘ohh get over it’ or ‘move on’ how about you build a bridge and we can all cross it…until then Kati to Waha. Arohamai to the whanau who took the time out to support tikanga. Lesson learned, never again and only those who deserve will get our powhiri. Big ups to the whanau….Lil doggy boy learn some manners. Mauri Ora

  6. How about those organising powhiri really think long and hard about whom they are doing it for and whether they deserve it? Fame and profile is not a valid reason. The recipient needs to be someone whose experience or philosophy or whatever is supportive and open to indigenous peoples. Powhiri for bloody Mickey Mouse, race horses and jumped up little rappers? Puuullllease…

  7. Rude behaviour from a spoiled little twerp. I always wondered what happened to him after Like Mike and now I know he turned into a loser.

  8. Perhaps the problem with powhiri at the airport is that they have to be done in the arrival area which seems informal and tacked-on. I think powhiri should be givin priority and should be held before the visitors enter nz customs. This would be the rightful place for tangata whenua to welcome/challenge manuhiri. Only then would our customs be given the respect they deserves and thus prevent further offenses.

    Visitors will come and go, some sharp, some ignorant, but if we set up the right processes we can guide them into a better awareness about the importance of observing tikanga Maori in NZ. But first tikanga Maori needs to by recognised by all NZders as the original protocol of this country.

  9. This reminds me of the time when a foreigner broke protocol during a wero and the kaiwero wacked him with his taiaha which broke on impact leaving the recipient stunned but otherwise unharmed. In both cases the reaction was/is more embarrasing than the offense. Perhaps there are lessons to be learned here: a. don’t strike someone unless you know for certain the strength of your taiaha, b. emotional reactions and childish name-calling reveal our insecurities.

    I’m not a fan of Bow Wow and I’m not surprised if he decided he was above showing common courtesy to others but understand that this is just one person who grew up in a bubble far far away from here.

    Big ups to the kapahaka group that went out there with the best intentions. I hope you all continue to represent our people with pride and dignity despite the inevitable minor setbacks along the way.

  10. kiwis need to cut him some slack it happened, move on..we as maori dont just turn on someone because they had no clue of protocol..get it over it

  11. im sorry but to me the powhiri was not one of his concerts, where he got to say oh “hey lets do this again.” The p[oint was just a few minutes of his time would have made a difference.

  12. The powhiri is the traditional wecome for all people who visit nz, alot of celebs have been through it,, and have found that it was a memorable experience that they will never forget,,,,its a shame that your experience wont be. i understand you were trying to contact your fam especially being in a diff country, (i would, especially my mum lol). but a few minutes of your time would have made a huge difference to the maori people of Aotearoa…. Our saying in maori,,,He aha te mea nui o tenei ao, he tangata, he tangata, he tangata. meanig “what is the most important thing of this world” it is people, it is people, it is people.

  13. A powhiri determines wether one is friend or foe, if they are foe the repercussions are disasterous as has happened, those who dislike or discredit our culture within our own country, the airport has planes that fly out everyday u hav can leave, his four hour flight in 1st class gave him heaps of time to call his peeps,1-.neva blame a skirt for ur weaknes, adam blamed eve whered that get him, 2-.the muslims are up in arms cos of the disrespect shown to them. 3-our culture was handed down by our tipuna who fought brave and hard so we would be respected, if those whom wish to challenge this with there negative words against our traditions bring it on i would consider that a challenge we brought you kids into this world we can definitely take u out of it, proud maori…

  14. being a completly white new zealander and not wanting to insult anyone I can’t really see the problem with him walking past them I’d probably do the same thing purely because it’s not my culture.

    1. well thats expected of you white new zealander cause thats what your all about. and until you get rid of your ignorance then you might show some dam respect. no sweat to respect the haka for the all blacks tho aye.

    2. They should have cracked him with a Taiaha…Disrespect + arrogance = Totally hostile…A crack across the head would have been justification.

  15. Thanks Bow Wow for showing your true colours you will never be a match for RAY CHARlES Robinson,now theres a man who stood up for non segregation of blacks in Georga he even wrote the song Georga on my mind the people of the United States of America loved him for this he stood up for what he believed in ( he can stand up and be counted ) and theres many other aspiring beautifull black men and woman who have done some great things how about the President Obama buddy i dont believe for one minute the story about the 4 hour flight etc bla bla it doesant cost anyone to be polight but then you wouldant know that your just a kid in nappies grow up get a life dont bring your bad arss attitude vibe to Kiwi Soil oh by the way when you find the balls could you make a public apologie to NZ thanks.

    Ps: NZ kiwis keep their dignity Bow Wow lost his.

  16. It does not worry me that Bow Wow responded in the way that he responded. He’s an outsider coming into unfamiliar terrotories, naive, arrogant, ignorant and obviously quite defensive. Funny how everyone notices and makes a huge fuss when the ‘famous guy’ acts so culturally ignorant – when we have people(NZ citizens) who have resided here for 6 or 7 generations, and still continue to denigrate our traditional Maori customs, language and cultural practices. I’m not going to be fooled by the media hype around this one. It actually wouldn’t surprise me if the reporter and photographer also exasperated the entire situation. Ki te roopu kapa haka nei , kia kaha tonu e hoa ma, Ahakoa te aha, kia mau tonu ki nga tikanga a o tatou tupuna, ano hoki nga mahi rangatira. He mahi tuturu ki nga tangata ara ko to tatou iwi maori me nga manuhiri. Kia u tonu ki te kaupapa ahakoa nga wero kei waenganui i a tatou. Mauri Ora!

  17. where is the aroha that makes up our culture our tikanga … snap out of all the hate and horrible mean racist remarks………….. ignorance surpasses ,, we can forgive as we are proud to be MAORI ,,, whanaungatanga rules … please i can for give you all your’s now so THAT with love and respect can you … THAT’S HOW WE ROLL …


    1. Quit with the racist remarks Whaanau, its NOT about that!. Theres no reason to belittle our black brothers and sisters because of the self-centeredness, arrogance and immaturity of 1 celebrity. The racist insults don’t represent THIS maORI’, and most Maori’s views on Kirimangus (blacks) I hope those reading this can understand that. AnYWAY, Why do we throw our pearls before swines? why pohiri these celebrities here? what have they done that will last longer than their lifetimes? he tapu ano te pohiri, tena pea me waihotia mo nga rangatira pono. Ehara mo nga taurekareka.

      E maori ma! kia mau tonu ra i nga taonga a kui ma, a koro ma = kaua e whai ake nga ahuatanga o nga taangata no whenua ke, kei konei ke to turangawaewae, kei konei ke to mana, tapu me te whakapapa, you are lucky and infinately richer than most to be from here and have what you have in terms of ancestral heritage, richness and treasures – hei aha nga aahuatanga o America, he taangata rawekore

  19. Well when I 1st heard what happend I intially thought well he probably didn’t realise. But he obviously did if one of the performers heard him state he didn’t want any part if it. When u seen the look on there faces I could feel it. His comments afterwards were the real slap in the face. No sorry no thank you nothing just excuses. What concerns me more is not only kiwis of no maori descent but more hearing maori slam there own culture because they bow down to this rapper. Kiwis complaining about maori and there customs. People saying surely they could of waited while he done his shopping hello do u know what a powhiri is you don’t go to someone else’s marae and walk str8 into the whare kai and have a feed then walk back out to the waharoa and say ok now u can do it, how embarrasing for your family would that be. A powhiri is to welcome 1st timers. And another thing really bow wow are that kid ” I know bla bla n bla bla” your that kid ewww. Who cares who u know its not about who u know its about you your actions whats snoop (who is very respectful on visits and great supporter of the all blacks) guna do wats niki gng to do. Really your that kid. No longer a fan I was but u stamped on everything I am MAORI.

  20. Bow Wow didn’t diss the Maori culture. Whichever idiot organised that powhiri dissed the Maori culture.

    Don’t be mad at Bow Wow, be mad at whomever thought it would be a good idea to do a powhiri for a run of the mill ass rapper from the US!

    Yes he’s rich and brown, but his music is wack and he has no standing at all in the hip hop world.

    I’ve got nothing against Bow Wow, I wish him the best and all. But shit.

    It devalues our culture.

  21. In my opinion ‘lil bow wow’ did wot everyotha normal human being wouldv done,,,he wanted to talk to his family!!! I too have a 20mnth old and afta a 4 hour flyt with no communcation with my son, in a foreign ass country, well no otha [email protected]#% [email protected]#% in th world wouldv hav mattered to me more than talking to my son!!! All your racial black slurrs towards ‘lil bow wow’ is not only a poor display of ones self racism, but a bad reflection on our tupuna (ancestors), who in turn suffered for many years from those exact same racial slurrs that are on display now. We Maori are also a humble people, think about your tupuna and ask yourself how can I be that humble too. Get ova yorselves!!! There is no other culture IN THE WORLD that has had a harder struggle in HISTORY than African American!!! Kia kaha ‘lil bow wow’ mo to whanau! (Be strong for your family!). At least your not on here for child abuse or worse!!! Ae whanau, go check out those stats b fo U go pointing the ignorance finger!!!

  22. In my opinion ‘lil bow wow’ did wot everyotha normal human being wouldv done,,,he wanted to talk to his family!!! I too have a 20mnth old and afta a 4 hour flyt with no communcation with my son, in a foreign ass country, well no otha [email protected]#% [email protected]#% in th world wouldv hav mattered to me more than talking to my son!!! All your racial comments and black slurrs towards ‘lil bow wow’ is not only a poor display of ones self racism, but a bad reflection on our tupuna (ancestors), who in turn suffered for many years from those exact same racial slurrs that are on display now. We Maori are also a humble people, think about your tupuna and ask yourself how can I be that humble too. Get ova yorselves!!! There is no other culture IN THE WORLD that has had a harder struggle in HISTORY than African American!!! Kia kaha ‘lil bow wow’ mo to whanau! (Be strong for your family!). At least your not on here for child abuse or worse!!!

  23. little dick head im ganna slap my cuzin every day for the rest of his life just because he looks like bow wow

    1. Fahh your kore az!! Front page!! future abuser right here whanau… Read all about it! Arohamai but that was a pretty porangi comment to publicly post when maori already been frowned upon for porangi actions madr by others and now we tryna make a statement to bowwow to not be so arrogant and take us seriously for treading on our mana an u reply with for ur arrogance im gna slap my cuz!! Ayyee whakamarama te taake kare!!

      1. well thats wats missing with these kids today makimaki not enuff slaps they walk allover there elders, the slap is traditional, it was passed down by our elders, and now they walk around gigggling like lil gurls whos gonna want to go to war alongside them, nobody.

  24. Why was there a powhiri for him anyway? If it was done because he’s manuhiri into our country then there should be a powhiri for every new person who comes to our country. Hika mai! The egg is on our face not his…judgement error on our part.

  25. If someone is going to be arrogant to our culture then return the favour….Don’t rip up your tickets because he would reap the benefits of you already purchasing them….Go to the concert and BOO that little jumped up muthaf&@$a of the stage….GO INTO HIS HOUSE AND DISRESPECT HIM….I would…I would get a whole bunch of us to BOO him and just act like a total asshole at his concert….Or….Do a Flash Mob Haka at the concert….hahaha….that would be awesome….Revenge is the game I would play…

    1. Kia Ora- not going to a concert is, well, unproductive, go to “His House” and show him the same respect, but the word is Respect!!!

  26. how can he be worried about calling his whanau when he has got his earphones on. I agree don’t do a powhiri for a one hit wonder wanna be anyway!! his last hit was years ago and it was dumb

  27. I struggle to understand why the likes of this guy, or the Justin Beibers of the world, or any of these manufactured ‘stars’ deserve a powhiri. Would someone please explain it to me. Why do we allow them the opportunity to disrespect our country and culture?

  28. So wait
    You expect him to understand customs that he didn’t grow up with, and because he didn’t you insult him? I thought Maori were big on family views and family first. That’s exactly what he did, communicate with his family that he landed safely and all was well.
    That’s not exactly worthy of an insult, infact it’s quite shameful that you are insulting him for it.
    Besides…it’s a rapper. Why does that deserve a powhiri?

    1. Bow wow is a public figure, his continuing income depends on sales from his fans – and that includes Maori.When he’s on tour he belongs to the public whether he likes it or not.Thats just the nature of his job and the price of fame.No its not shameful for calling him out like that.He’s a millionaire a few times over and he doesnt have minders to take care of his call arrangements, ie spare phones?????. No sympathy, but I think he deserves to be let off this time,and as for playing the Maori whanau card – a bit selective arent we? I’d think he was a rude shit still even if it wasnt Maori he snubbed, but a group of fans.

  29. Who the fucks bow wow? and why are we wasting our time and demeaning our ‘mana’ by having a powhiri for wankers who come here and brainwash our taitamariki with their rap crap,’paru’ dress code and gangster culture. Does that mean we accept that sort of shit by giving him a ‘powhiri’? It’s like welcoming a pedophile into your family home for a cup of tea. Maybe a lesson learnt here e Maori ma, I’m sure our tupuna didn’t powhiri any tom, dick and harry into their ‘pa’ if they knew he was a bad influence on their iwi

  30. I hate to be the single voice of reason but I would probably be anxious to call my tamariki too. I would have waited 5 mins for him to make the call. That’s just me. Disrespecting someone’s whanau isn’t the culture I grew up in. We wait for our guests to arrive, sort themselves out, not rush them into our welcome procedures because we’re ready! If anything, we’re often the late guys. Watching all the nasty backlash from Maori about the whole thing has been much more shameful. His unkind words to the media illustrate he his spoilt brat mentality and whether he was deserving of a powhiri or not, no one should walk away from our country with that many haters criticizing their values. When was “family” NOT a good enough reason in our culture? NEVER.

  31. we are starting to give out powhiris like their going outta date, at least micheal jackson, bob marley, the beatles not only appreciated it but they well deserved it cos they were popular amongst the young and old as for this little black prick hes only marketed for the teenage generation.special welcome for peeps with legendary status only…like you are only knighted for yr merits by the queen so should be the same for a powhiri

  32. To think I actually liked the guy…makes me sick to the stomach…
    Bow wow is a dog…like his name suggests. No respect, ignorant, arrogant little boy. Im glad he didn’t have a powhiri…& welcomed like most…because he didn’t deserve it & still doesn’t. I won’t be surprised if something bad happens to him

  33. At 25 years of age, I would have expected a better display of manners.However, being a high profile rap artist,actor – he’s probably been spoilt and if so the notion of good manners and cultural sensitivity is foreign to him. Demanding also comes to mind if his comment that “I even TOLD you to TELL them perform after I grab my phone….”, is anything to go by.Still the boy has talent.I checked out lyrics to some of his songs and they are much better than Hodgy’s. The only reason I am familiar with Lil Bow Wow and Hodgy is because of my 18 year old daughter who is a fan.Other than that I can be found groovin on down to the Isley Bros.Now there’s a group that could/can sing, and great manners to boot.But this aint about the dulcet toned Isley Bros.Its about a rude little dipster who had the audacity to be culturally insensitive because he didnt know any better.I say let the boy off this time. He obviously didnt realise that we dont give a shit about his famous ass, and that we rule when it comes to our tikanga and whenua. Next time though Shad Gregory Moss, dont expect me to be so gracious.

  34. Why are we casting our cultural treasures before swine. While I am embarrased on behalf of the kapahaka roopu I am also thinking that perhaps we should not be welcoming every minor celebrity into this country who probably has no clue on how to reciprocate such a gesture.

    Surely we embarrass ourselves through our lack of discernment in these matters.

  35. It is an honour to be acknowledged by my culture.How could you ignore them. I hope your fans give you the same disrespect that you gave Maori people and New Zealand. I hope they also ignore you and rip up their tickets and go shopping instead. You are a wasted space. Learn to be respectful.

  36. @ bow wow , what you did is kind of like inviting some one over, as you go to open the door your guest pushes you out of the way and stomps threw your house with muddy boots, climbs on to your dinner table (were you have laid out your 5 course meal that you spent all day slaving over) , drops their pants and takes a giant shit right in middle of it all, then turns and says can’t stay , stick your invite up your arse , then hands you a bill and says you now owe me for the privilege of having my shit on your table , Ta

  37. Wot did those so called warriors (hu do tha wero) do wen bow wow didn’t turn up at tha powhiri Nufin!!!! U should of whacked him!!!… an showed him how we battle freestyle.

  38. I and many others think this was a stupid idea to begin with, theirs no way he deserves a traditional welcoming, it’s a ‘rapper’ called lil bow wow for gods sake.

    1. As if you would know Piri Tomlins, you’re just a scam artist & a disgrace to your whanau!

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