Apr 12, 2021


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The Maori Party has supported the progress of theNational War Memorial Park (Pukeahu) Empowering Billbut is once more calling for the Treaty of Waitangi to be honoured in legislation.

This afternoon Te Ururoa Flavell submitted a Supplementary Order Paper (SOP) to the Housewhich requires that all persons exercising functions and powers under this Act must take into account the principles of the Treaty.

Having all legislation measured against Te Tiriti o Waitangi is a key priority for the Maori Party.The kaupapa of theNational War Memorial Park (Pukeahu) Empowering Bill is one that te Paati Maori can fully support this SOP is about realising that there is a place for the Treaty in all legislation.

Tangata whenua have an interest in all of the matters that pass through Parliament and this Bill is a prime example.There are issues that impact on mana whenua and there is also the broader relationship between Maori and the Crown that must be taken into account in this development.

The late Ta Henare Ngata reminded us all that the Maori Battalion went to war to defend our land. Incorporation of the Treaty will be a reminder of the sacrifice Maori have made in fulfilling our obligations to our country the price of citizenship.

Legislation that does not take into account the principles of the Treaty is concerning we are at a stage in our national history where our dual cultural heritage must be acknowledged and embraced. I presented this Supplementary Order Paper to Parliament in recognition of the strong ongoing need for co-operation between Maori and the Crown and between Maori and all other New Zealanders.

The undertakings of Te Tiriti o Waitangi were farsighted and continue to tell us how to build an orderly, prosperous and united New Zealand. We want to remember our past with courage, so we can build our future together.

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