Apr 21, 2021


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NZ company SilverStripe releases software in te reo Maori

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Today SilverStripe celebrated the translation of their latest version of the SilverStripe CMS to te reo Maori. SilverStripe is the first Content Management System globally to offer the user-interface in te reo Maori.

Te reo Maori now comes bundled standard with the SilverStripe CMS, which is free web content management software. Anyone who upgrades or uses our latest version (v3.0.2) can now make use of the translation. This adds to a long list of languages that the software has supported for years.

SilverStripe commissioned Ian Cormack of Taumatua Maori Language Services to carry out the translation of over 3000 words including many computing terms into our national language. Much of Cormacks work is related to Maori language software localisation, having earlier this month translated the Facebook interface to te reo.

The translated phrases are available for anyone to download freely to reuse for commercial or personal use. This supports the idea of open source, and of our work being a contribution Maori culture.

SilverStripe co-founder Sigurd Magnusson: By offering te reo Maori as a language within the CMS, we are making the language more visible and more accessible to New Zealanders. We’d love to see individuals and organisations throughout New Zealand support the use of our indigenous language. Our initiative also helps the younger generation use te reo Maori and to expand its use online.

The SilverStripe web management tools are used by many central and local government agencies in New Zealand, together with major companies and nonprofits across the country.

For more information on the SilverStripe translation to te reo Maori visit: http://www.silverstripe.org/te-reo/

For more information on how to install, watch our video: https://vimeo.com/49824408

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