Apr 18, 2021


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NZ Maori Council media statement regarding government decision to delay asset sales to 2013

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The decision by the Government to delay the sale of Mighty River Power vindicates the case that was taken by New Zealand Maori Council.

This is not just a great result for New Zealand Maori Council or Maoridom generally, in the Councils view it is a great result for New Zealand as it is New Zealand as a community that has to solve these problems in the New Zealand way.

The Waitangi Tribunal has intervened in a constructive way affirming its value as an important institution in New Zealand. The Tribunal under great pressure produced a clear and cogent decision which benefited all parties.

The fundamental problem was that the Government wished to act prematurely in proceeding with the sale of the power-generating state owned assets without determining the extent of Maori rights and interests in water.

The New Zealand Maori Council is astute to the fiscal responsibilities of the Government in these turbulent times and will approach dialogue in a responsible way.

There is a path through these difficulties and the Government can be assured that the NZMC will meet its responsibilities to Maoridom in a way which is beneficial for all New Zealand.

The Maori Party is to be commended for its constructive role in influencing this result with the Government.

Contact Ms Rahui Katene, Deputy Chair New Zealand Maori Council, 021 981116

Contact Ms Donna Hall, Woodward Law Office Solicitor for New Zealand Maori Council, 0274 500 404

Nga mihi

Karen Waterreus
Interim Secretary
New Zealand Maori Council
Cell: 021 934 906


3 thoughts on “NZ Maori Council media statement regarding government decision to delay asset sales to 2013

  1. keora ko chris smith tenei may i have a patai swith the maori partys upcomming events happenning down here in hawkesbay napier ,should tariana leave then i would ,be most happy to korero with he engoa mete nor tuarua toku party he mete kapua he toku whanou ,eroto kete hakin schmoidt keora

  2. he mihi tonu ,ki tipuna kiakoe, keora whaeea oroto nga maori party konei ko chris smith tenai ,firstly whaeea i am very very humbled ,at the level of totoko ,ete koupappa no wai ,as i and mostly everyone else should be to,i have some imformation ,with regards to the nz acc ,corporation ,and there enforcement ,practices ,envolving there support groups ,against claimants like myself ,back in the year 1993 ,i had won an appeal ,the judge awarding ,to me massive appeal proceeds aboutb 40.000dollars then that would of raised my weekly comp ,to the correct level ,instead of this ,the corp ,slammed me into their rehab circuit ,of which has been revolving ,for the last thirty ,or so yrs ,adding to this situation whaeea ,from the upper levels of wellingtons district court building ,the accs support party the nz police ,have housed here ,a laser system capable enough to strike ,me here in napier ,this option ,of the nz police use of this laser device ,may sway mr keys thinking ,on the assett rediculous maori allowance ,of this i tika whaeea ,you may utilise this patai please respond back should you want ,kakite ,

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