Apr 17, 2021


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Te Urewera to be returned to Tuhoe (+video)

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(Te Karere) It has been announced that Te Urewera National Park will return to Ngai Tuhoe over a five-year period.

A group made up of representatives from the Crown and the iwi will manage the National Park until Tuhoe builds capacity to manage all its operations. It will include over $4mil each year over the five years. Details of the Waitangi Settlement have been discussed with Ngai Tuhoe over the last few weeks, additional details will be announced soon.

PM John Key had argued in 2010 thatthe reason for ruling “Urewera out of negotiations was because it fell outside the broad principles in operation for other treaty negotiations”.

Tuhoe had proposed vesting the park in the iwi in return for universal access and universal rights.

Mr Key had suggested that the National Government still wanted to continue to negotiate a settlement with Tuhoe and was going back to the table to work with the tribe to see if there was another proposal that was acceptable to both sides.

“Asked whether co-governance was possible, like the Waikato River settlement with Tainui, he said there were various options on the table and all of them could be discussed.”

Looks like someone did something right.

6 thoughts on “Te Urewera to be returned to Tuhoe (+video)

  1. Awsum day for Tuhoe…..awsum day for all Maori….now all we need is for Tame to be released….

  2. Proud of Tuhoe patience and perseverance. A pathway to justice and the return of Tuhoe lands is slowly being paved. It wont bring back the lives of those who fought and died for the whenua but it will further solidify their legacy and efforts.

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