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Winston Peters starts Maori Blood Quantum debate

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TangataWhenua.com Eds: Kia tupato, as soon as we begin defining what being Maori means within this legislative process, it will have serious consequences for starting the Blood Quantum debate. This type of legislation means that being Maori is defined by how many generations of Maori you may or may not have. So for instance in the United States and Canada, this way of determining benefits is used. The general norm seems to be between 1/8 and 1/16 meaning only if your great grandparent was Maori or if your great great grandparent was Maori are you considered Maori (if no other line in your whakapapa connents in).

It has divided peoples and is used as a way of completely undermining tribal membership (which is why no doubt Mr Peters has suggested it).

Winston Peters (Photosport)

(TV3 News) New Zealand First is suggesting all New Zealanders pretend to be Maori to get special privileges under the law.

The party wants the Government to define who is and isn’t Maori before offering deals to iwi over water rights, after delaying the asset sales programme. Winston Peters says anybody could be Maori under the law.

“[Prime Minister] John Key could write to those New Zealanders he considers ineligible to let them know they’ve missed out,” says Mr Peters.

Ministers are heading into five weeks of discussions with iwi over water rights and asset sales after announcing on Monday the Mighty River Power share float would be delayed until March next year.

The Government hasn’t agreed to any of the conditions set out in a Waitangi Tribunal report but says it wants “clarity and certainty” before the power company is partially privatised.

The Maori Council, which sought the tribunal’s ruling, has welcomed the delay but says it is keeping its legal action option open.

It would have sought a High Court injunction if the government had decided to go ahead with its original sale deadline of November.

The Government is confident it will win a court case and that having five weeks of discussion will strengthen its hand.

Mr Key says the Government has had legal advice and “shares plus” won’t work, but he’s prepared to talk about it to find out whether iwi can “come up with anything new”.

“The Government’s current view is that this idea should not be progressed,” he said. “But we need clarity and certainty, and taking some time to talk about it is the prudent thing to do.”

Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples says the government has shown it respects the need for iwi to be consulted.

“We’re very pleased because we advocated for that.”

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira says it’s “about bloody time” Prime Minister John Key realised how serious the opposition is to the sales.

“Its a far cry from the disparaging comments he made about the claim, the Council and the Tribunal a couple of months back,” says Mr Harawira.

“Governments decision to delay the sale of state assets until at least March 2013 is a back-down of massive proportions and a victory for all New Zealanders, many of whom have been working furiously to get together the numbers needed to force a referendum to stop asset sales.”

Mr Harawira says the delay “shows that the Treaty is the only constitutional document we can rely on to safeguard our assets and our future”.

“This is not the time for hasty decisions or fast deals. Now is the time for patience and for participation, and I urge all iwi leaders to lead the engagement of their people in what is likely to be the biggest decision they will ever make.”This morning former ACT Party leader Rodney Hide rubbished the Waitangi Tribunal’s view.

“I read most carefully the tribunal report and I found it to be utter bollocks,” he told Firstline this morning.

“Theres no argument there of ownership, its just that the tribunal asserts it. They say that Maori own water because they sang songs about a river, they identified spirits thats nonsense.

“The treaty is silent on water. What the treaty says, and the tribunal observes this, is that Maori property rights will be upheld. They then create the fiction that Maori own water. Clearly they dont,” says Mr Hide.

“What the tribunals done is in a fairyland sort of happy-clappy kind of way, has tried to construct rights out into the year 2012. Clearly its bollocks.”

NZN / 3 News

Read more:http://www.3news.co.nz/Peters-Lets-all-say-were-Maori/tabid/1607/articleID/267976/Default.aspx#ixzz25SS5WIpv

14 thoughts on “Winston Peters starts Maori Blood Quantum debate

  1. Well I guess I will have to get my kids to marry a maori to ensure their children reap the benefits of this narrow minded money grab for the few….

    1. thats exactly what a lot of the early sailors, whalers and other land speculators did to get their hands on Maori land….read it, its there in the history books.
      what goes around, will probably come back around?/

  2. Some of you need to learn how to spell a bit better before posting, it reads like a child has written some of it.

    Pride? you mean proud?
    awake call? you mean a wake up call?

    Education is key in everyone’s future, unless its a future of handouts.

  3. Maori brothers and sisters, stand tall and unite against this! They only have power if we give it to them. Do not allow them to pull wool over sheep eyes, for God will take care of all the damage that they do. Keep your heads high and their power low!

    1. I agree and if we come together Maori and all others we can beat the government and their crownies.

      They can only win if they succeed in pitting one group against an other.

      Maori like Winston are dangerous.

  4. This maker a mess of the Gay Marriage bill there’ll be no diluting the blood line because there’ll be no off spring.

  5. I guess this maker a mess of the idea of gay couples getting married there’ll be no off spring so no worries about diluting the blood line.

  6. There’s a law lecturer at Canterbury University who advocates a blood quantum law. Funny thing is, the US law he praises says someone must be the child or grand child of someone recognised as a member of a tribe by that tribe. Which in theory means the tribe could recognise all tribal descendants, which is essentially what we have here.

    I’m no expert, but my understanding is that membership of any iwi or hapu is based largely on ancestry. If your mother was Te Awara, then you may be recognised as Te Awara. It doesn’t really matter if your father was Nga Puhi or English or Chinese.

    The real question is who get to decide? Maori or the crown? I think it should be the tribe concerned. This is about tino rangatiratanga, and the right of communities (in this case tribes) to control their own membership, resources and destiny.

  7. ‘The recording of blood quantum is both a product of white racism and of white social science theories of a racist nature, and also a product of a plan wherein indigenous nations were expected to vanish when the white blood quantum reached a certain level’ [Roy Cook]

    Blood quantum laws and policies are the eradication and erosion all of the elements that make a people distinct including their history, languages, laws and customs. While it appears harmless to some, it has had a very negative effect on many Indigenous peoples. In many cases the issue of quantum has divided full-bloods and mixed-bloods, causing resentment.

    The issue also divides tribal members and non-members on the issue of proof. From a historical and cultural perspective, the idea of Blood quantum is dangerous.

    In essence, the purpose of this race classification system was to locate a superior space for whites and to marginalise and subjugate other races as inferior.

    And from a purely mathematical perspective blood quantum is a scientific, government-approved method of determining blood purity and race purity. Blood quantum is a clinical, inhuman, and careless way to determine the ethnic authenticity of a person.

    Winston is now playing his political race card – what a idiot – has he know idea the impact on us all

  8. I was looking into this the other day. In NZ we have a “one drop” policy regarding the definition of Maori when it comes to finacial matters ie tribal dividens and other benefits. However any person who is connected to the Maori community and feels that they are Maori is Maori in all things excluding finacial matters. That is the current state of things. As re: sams post, I have had those thoughts before also. Hahah I love that massive tribe that has dominion over 75% of the South Island and owns lots of land which council buildings reside on, it would be awsome to meet a beautiful lady from that tribe.

  9. i think that the best way to see who is maori is the whakapapa i may look white but i am true blooded maori and pride of it.The goverment need awake call as we where here and the english came and took ova now we have to pay the price wake up Mr KEYS

  10. I guess the best thing to do for Pakeha is to find someone from whichever tribe has your favoured assets and get married and have kids.

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