May 15, 2021

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Harawira arrested defending GI residents (+photos)

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Photos courtesy of Lisa Gibson.

Hone under arrest:

Hone’s car being impounded.

Hilda is present and offering support and tautoko to whanau there on the ground

Police advising Hone to move his car.





24 thoughts on “Harawira arrested defending GI residents (+photos)

  1. So the idea is to sell to buy more, at whose Expense, so the governments selling, from the government to the government for the Government….at the expense of the people, for the people?????? What the?

  2. Wow, Clearly Hone is a Peoples Choice, Awesome, Get up,Stand up! The Government really want to look at all perspectives and think outside the box..There needs to be a Balance, Putting all Low Income Families in One Basket, and separating them casting to outer suburbs ,will cause more problems in the end…I know they have a scheme here in Australia for Housing Corp/commission Tenants’ where they have an option to gain work employment or Training fixing/ maintaining corp/commission Properties, plumbing,painting,plastering, lawn mowing, electrical, tenants only tho, but hey Creates Jobs and HELPS GET SKILLS! Not Sure about the Building Side of it, but hack why not introduce that in aswell… Just Sharing some Ideas….

  3. I’m wondering if you guys actually know what the Magna Carta is, as the way you’re talking about it I really doubt you do.

    You’re complaining that the government doesn’t do enough, but when the government wants to sell these houses so they can buy several more, and therefore house more people, you complain. A good view in a nice area is not a right, a roof over your head is. By preventing these sales your denying others the right to have a roof over their heads.

    I hope that the people who are lucky enough to live in those houses with nice views for so little cost don’t mind the fact that their protests mean that other families are living in a cold garage somewhere.

    1. I really don’t think YOU understand peoples fundamental rights… Denying a roof over someone elses head? Lets state the facts – it will be rich people moving into the new housing, NOT the origninal people who lived in these homes – they have become essentially HOMELESS. Why? Because the rich want to move in and the government doesn’t give a rats arse about re-housing tenants into suitable accomodation that they can afford. The government doesnt give a sh*t that whanau are living in peoples garages, or overcrowding other homes, they don’t give a sh*t about them trying to get by in sub-standard conditions,they don’t care about the stress or health outcomes from what these people have been put through, or that some of these children will have to move into a zone where they can’t afford to go to school!!!
      The government don’t give a rats about low income families, they don’t care about beneficiaries, they don’t care about education, and they certainly dont give a flying frack about US or the environment. The ONLY thing this government care about is lining their own pockets before they all get given the boot. End. Of. Story.

  4. Thank you Hone for your tautoko. We should have more M.P’s supporting especially Maori Party. I voted for Maori Party, NOT NEXT ELECTION, they haven’t done anything for us, for ME, they have the opportunity too do things for us BUT NO,they koretake, useless. You have my vote next elections. I lived in Glenn Innes in the 80s, my mum 70s to 90s.

  5. Truly trust Hone’s breakfast up north will be tino reka with Mr Tohu..Thank you for caring….

  6. Yeah, I reckon!! should pull out the Magna Carta on them alright!. those cops wouldn’t be any the wiser

  7. proud of you Hone, not many are prepare to stick up their necks for the poor in this shameless country. While some bastards are earning over $600,000 p/a other are barely scrapping enough to feed their kids.Child abuse is what this Maori and National Party maffia government is forcing our children to live under.
    Kia Kaha Figh’em back and BE Proud

      1. Awesome mahi Hone!! I will vote for you any day. as for the above comment, not sure what country you live in. if you have nothing nice to say, why don’t you just be quiet. Arohanui to all in nz.

        1. The government is pulling owe whanau, owe friends and most of all owe country down into the pits.People here in Aotearoa and across the sea are supportig each other if not back bitting one another.We need to stand strong and keep fighting for what is right in God’s eyes who cares what people say, its what pleases God that matters,Kia Kaha God Bless

  8. When is it going to end?This government needs to front up for a change and learn a lesson in Truth..seems foreign these days when people like Hone are true to their convictions not forgetting Hilda’s vital support in and throughout it all.It’s the same scenario as with the Fisheries debacle!Sad to say the Maori party look to have sold out their Tihewa o Mauriora! for a a few pieces of tainted silver so to speak!Mistakenly thinking to ‘grease’ the palms of the government thru their insignificant and weak Party..Just where John Key wants them…All political B.S… and casterated to the max!Aue!..On ‘Breakfast’ this morning Hone snapped the Govenments coverup re/housing nz devious underhandedness of course they had a bull reply..What got me in the interview with Hone Nadine finished off by telling Hone that he could go and have a shower! What a stupid stupid thing to say! How offensive!

  9. Hone Harawira…is arrested protesting over State Housing residents being relocated away from inner City suburb, Glen Innes…I think I know whats behind this…Gvt State Housing or Commission housing as it is known in Australia is designed as a safety net for the very poor. As the City sprawls these housing estates are being relocated further out due to economic reasons. For Example, State Houses
    in Glen Innes are occupying land and worth up to $750,000 apiece …especiallly those overlooking the Tamaki River and close to Orakei. I mean, being realistic why should the Gvt get $150 a week rental return on a property, they own with a Gvt valuation of $600-$700,000.00. These people do have new homes to go to, but are protesting because they are 15 km’s further south…Get a life Hone!

    1. I agree Stan, the working person has to pay full rental prices well over $500 now and/or full mortgage prices! Why should these Housing Corp people get to live in the area and get the benefits of views, closer access to the working city? They should be moved further out of Auckland if they can’t work to afford to live in these suburbs closer to the city!

      1. I do agree with you to a certain point. I do believe that it is unfair that they are paying $150 a week or however much they are, but I disagree that they should be relocated so other people can get better views. These people have been living in those houses for most of their lives, they have probably raised their families there as well. It is so unfair to expect people to be happy that their being forced out of their homes so the Government can bulldozer it down so other people can have a better view or have closer access to town. Why can’t those people who want closer access to the city move to other suburbs like Orakei, Remuera etc? It isn’t necessary for people to be moved out further because they can’t afford to live somewhere. Obviously they have been paying their bills if they’ve been living for more than 20 years. Yeah it was probably from the benefit they received but either way they were still paying their dues.

    2. Stan,so basically you have confirmed what many of us who have not ever been beneficiaries but still understand economic apartheid recognise. That this whole governments’ policies are just that.. Poor and unemployed people deserve to be ghetto-ised out of sight and out of many people’s minds,away from any realistic chance of improving the employment they are also being made to try to find or face even more sanctions beyond unaffordable market rents in Auckland and Christchurch especially ( even though new jobs arent actually being created, nor will they be with the current stimulation stifling policies either).. What next? work houses and gas chambers for them..This type of deliberately targeted apartheid may be accepted in Australia but many New Zealanders are waking up to find their jobs are now on the line and this may be them soon so you get a life.. Hone is worth a hundred John Banks and John Keys,all their lies and their ties to a whole web of similarly corrupt greedy corporate criminals who are sucking this beautiful country into their Neo liberal fascist version of hell on earth..

    3. so true,but why now.if the goverment new the value of the land then,why did they have the rent so cheap?blame the goverment,not the people,so wat if the homes have a million dollar view,and the rent is cheap,are’nt people more important than a stupid view.arohanui to all the people who have been affected by this.mean maori mean

    i dnt thnk those young cops will no wat dat is

  11. Ka pai e Hone, ko koe te kait?rangap? kaha e hiahia ana m?tou. Whawhai tonu ana ki whawhai pai!

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