Apr 21, 2021


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Maori Council says taihoa, seeking judicial review of asset sale

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Oct. 19 (BusinessDesk) – The Maori Council will today file papers in the High Court seeking a judicial review of the governments plan to sell down Mighty River Power.
Council solicitor Donna Hall told Radio New Zealand the case is that the government is acting illegally in proceeding to sell the shares before establishing what prior rights Maori have.
Theres now a final decision to proceed with litigation, she said.

The council has been consulting Maori groups this week since the governments announcement on Monday that it would proceed with the sale and would scratch Mighty River Power from the list of companies covered by the State owned Enterprises Act.

The Maori Council spent Thursday visiting claimants along the Waikato River to seek feedback on what its next move should be – and also secured some funding for the challenge, Radio New Zealand reported.

“The council has sufficient funding to commence the legal challenge, Hall said.

The Maori Council is expecting a tough fight through the courts with the government after Prime Minister John Key ended talks with Maori over how the Mighty River Power sale could help address Maori claims to rights in freshwater resources.

Finance Minister Bill English has made clear the timing of the Crown announcement is intended to flush out likely Maori Council and any other legal action.
A Cabinet meeting scheduled for Tuesday next week will agree to remove MRP from the State-Owned Enterprises Act in preparation for sale, an action requiring an Order-in-Council signed by the Governor-General, also scheduled for next Tuesday afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Maori Council says taihoa, seeking judicial review of asset sale

  1. To act as “one nation” at the cost of Maori inheriting our own interests is again just a racist policy. I cant blame you for believing the propaganda you were bought up with “Uncle D” I can blame you for not looking into what you are preaching.

  2. When are we going to be rid of all this Maori BS. One People One Nation. Why is it that they always have to stuff everyone around and put there hand out. Enough is Enough.

    1. I disagree Uncle D…We will never be One People One Nation, at least not until the colonizers recognize their Privilege and Power and the History of Aotearoa. Non Indigenous have to be accountable for the damage that they have done and the systemic implications from what they have done, maybe then can we heal and move forward. Maori cannot allow people who think like you to destroy us and our Earth Mother, Sky Father any longer. Enough is Enough.

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