Apr 13, 2021


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Ohau Maori Youth Club 50th Jubilee (+online registration)

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The Ohau Maori Youth Club is planning a celebration of epic propotions. Over three days in November, whanau will come together, to reminisce, korero, and celebrate!

UPDATE: you can now register securely online, payment details are the same (via internet banking or kiwi bank). Even if you have aready paid, but not filled out a form, please use this one:

Below are 2 key docs, the poster, and registration form. Please pass this on to any whanau you know who might be interested. The organising committee is keen on getting as many people to come and enjoy this once-in-a-life-time celebration.

  • The Ohau Maori Youth Club 50th Jubilee is set to be held November 16-18 at marae in Mourea.
Also if you can, please print out the poster and display it anywhere you feel is appropriate, your place of work, your marae, at your local shop, etc.
If you would like to register, please print out the form and pass it on to the following:
  • Aunty TeMaari (@Te Kohanga Reo Trust, 1181 Pukuatua Street)
  • Ange Tipu (@Te Runanga o Ngati Pikiao, 1274 Fenton Street)
  • Maia or Auroa (@Te Wananga o Aotearoa)
  • or email[email protected]
Ohau Maori Youth Club Facebook Group

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