Apr 13, 2021


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Mataatua Trojans gridiron football team looking for new recruits

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(By Amy Childs, Waiariki Journalism School)

A Rotorua American Football team is seeking more players to take to the first indoor gladiator competition at Trusts Stadium Arena in Auckland on November 10.

The Mataatua Trojans will to go head to head against five other American Football teams from New Zealand in 30 minute games for the $1000 prize at the annual Steeldome Gladi8tors Tournament.

They currently have 15 players in the team but coach Paul Morris, said he is hoping to get close to a group of 30 for the competition.

I am looking for all types of players, he said. All you need is enthusiasm and some taringa.

Mr Morris said the hardest part of American Football is the technique and the general understanding of the game.

I enjoy it because of the strategy, its kind of like chess but aggressive, he said.

Mr Morris said his team represents Maoridom and on occasions they will have a karakia together.

Its very whanau orientated. Games are usually three hours long so we like to have a BBQ at half time together with our families, he said.

Mr Morris said his team has been training for this tournament for about three months and they are very eager and excited about going.

Talent scouts from America and Hawaii often come over to New Zealand and also contact Mr Morris looking for potential players to sign to their teams.

  • Contact Paul Morris if you’re keen -027 774 0735

1 thought on “Mataatua Trojans gridiron football team looking for new recruits

  1. hey mate..i played in the 8-man and it was tough…do you guys have a comp? i play for the manurewa spartans in the auckland comp..we shud set up a game ?

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