Apr 22, 2021


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Moeraki Boulders

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Dear DOC:

Re: Moeraki Boulders access

Visitors to Lonely Planet Thorn Tree will be seeing the following post:

‘Moeraki Boulders

When going to see the Moeraki Boulders, be aware that the $2.00 charge being asked to descend stairs to the boulder-strewn beach (coinbox just near the restaurant) can be avoided by turning left just past the adjacent gift shop and going further down the wooden ramp to the FREE Department of Conservation access trail, which is excellent. There is no sign indicating this free access.

Why DEC does not put up a sign is a question for them to answer.

Paying $2.00 to walk down a set of stairs right next to an unsigned free government access track is not visitor friendly in my opinion. It seems an attempt to cash in on access to a designated natural heritage site. DEC should take some action I think.’

Commercial interests are affecting the respectful atmosphere of a Maori sacred site through an opportunity opened up by DOC’s apparent gap in signage.

Can DOC take some action? If so that would be great.

Best wishes,

Gene Adam
Western Australia.


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