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Papawai Treaty Settlements Wananga

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Kia hiwa ra! Kia hiwa ra! E rau rangatira ma, haere mai ki tenei hui o tatau, o nga hapu karanga o Papawai.

Papawai Treaty Settlements Wananga – Papawai marae Saturday 1 December 2012

In 2004 we presented our Treaty claims to the Waitangi Tribunal.

In 2010 the Tribunal reported that the Crown had reparations to make.

In 2012 we begin the process of putting things right.

On the 1st of December we want to call all our descendants together to discuss and identify what we as a marae, as hapu, and whanau want out of our the Treaty Settlement negotiations with the Crown. We encourage all interested parties to attend to share ideas, dreams and aspirations for our future.

The agenda is as follows:

9.30am Introduction and Facilitated workshop dreams, hopes, and aspirations what do we want to achieve out of the process? Where will we be in 10, 20, and 50 years? What are the unique features of Papawai that need to be recognised in the Settlement process?

11.00am Call for nominations who do you think ought to negotiate our claims on our behalf? Give us a list of names.

11.30am Facilitated workshop – Life after settlement – How do we look after our settlement assets? How do we appoint our decision-makers (1) along tribal lines? (2) on predetermined skills sets and ability?

12.30pm – Lunch Break (please bring a shared lunch)

1.00pm Report back from Kahungunu ki Wairarapa Tamaki nui a Rua Trust (KKWTNART) – on progess to date and future negotiations strategy.

3.00pm – Finish

For registration of apologies and any further enquiries e-mail: Murray Hemi at [email protected]


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