Apr 12, 2021


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Flash Mob ends in Marriage Proposal +link2video

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(Press.co.nz) Love upstaged the buskers in Christchurch during the weekend. Dallas Harema proposed to his girlfriend, Lucy Ferris, with a flash mob dance at the busker pitch in Re:Start Mall on Saturday.

  • Click here to view the video (* it made us all teary and stuff!)

And she said yes.

PleaseSayYesThe proposal was one of the highlights of the first weekend of the World Buskers Festival, with the fine weather attracting crowds to Hagley Park and the Re:Start Mall to enjoy performers from around the world.

The carefully choreographed surprise proposal was held at the finale of Christchurch busker Rubberband Boy’s act.

Harema organised his friends to dance in unison to Marry You by Bruno Mars and then joined them at the end of the routine, bringing his girlfriend with him for the proposal.

The dance proposal attracted quite a crowd, who cheered and clapped as the happy couple embraced.

Ferris was overwhelmed by the proposal.

“It is hard-out amazing. I didn’t figure out what was happening until Dallas joined the dancers. That was so crazy,” she said.

Harema was also thrilled.

I am ecstatic. Ecstatic, absolutely ecstatic,” he said with a big grin.

Harema kept the plans secret from his girlfriend, but made sure both their families were there to see the proposal. He had been planning the flash mob for about a month.

“I got the idea from a YouTube video. As soon as I saw it I thought: That is how I want to propose’.”

Asimilar dance proposalattracted more than 17 million views on Youtube since being filmed in May 2012.

Rubberband Boy said the proposal was better than his finale. “Well, to be honest, that’s going to make my finale look pretty rubbish,” he joked.

The fine weather attracted strong crowds at the cluster of temporary venues in Hagley Park on Saturday and Sunday.

Festival art director Jodi Wright said the heat thinned out some of the crowds on Saturday, but the cooler weather on Sunday attracted more people.

“The crowds have been bigger than last year,” she said.

“It took a few days last year for the crowds to build, but this year it has been busy from the start.”

Wright said all but three of the evening shows sold out on Saturday evening. About 30 extra seats had to be added at the Buskers Burlesque, Le Gateau Chocolat and Nothing but Stand Up shows to meet demand.

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