Apr 13, 2021


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Tsunami watch for NZ after shallow 8.0 mag quake in Solomons

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A tsunami warning has been issued for several South Pacific islands after a major earthquake measuring 8.0 magnitude struck off the Solomon Islands, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii says.

The warning was issued for the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu, New Caledonia, Kosrae, Fiji, Kiribati, and Wallis and Futuna islands.

A tsunami watch has also been issued for the rest of the South Pacific nations, including Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

The quake struck at a very shallow depth of only 5km and was located 340km east of Kira Kira in the Solomons.

“It is not known that a tsunami was generated. This warning is based only on the earthquake evaluation,” said the tsunami centre.

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