Apr 15, 2021


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Cybersquatters grab iwi names

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The Maori Internet Society is taking aim at a new wave of cybersquatters.

Chairperson Karaitiana Taiuru says problems are emerging not just in Maori but in the new top level domains.

He says names are being hijacked either for what seem to be racist motives or to hold iwi for ransom.

A Christchurch beauty salon is the registered address for Ngai Tahu for kiwi.nz, and a Lower Hutt man has the Ngapuhi, Tainui and Tuhoe names in the kiwi.nz domain space.

Mr Karaitiana says when a Hamilton businessman bulk registered Maori and Iwi names in the new Maori.nz domain space back in 2002, the society got an apology and the names gifted to the affected iwi.

He says this time the society has issued proceedings to get several names cancelled, and it is advising iwi on how to protect their identity or trademarks online.


1 thought on “Cybersquatters grab iwi names

  1. And What About WAI-262 ?
    And The Stolen Maaori (M?ori) Word: “Kiwi”

    The Paakehaa “Culture” Of Death, Grabbing The Funerary Silver Fern As Their Own — The Thieving Usurper Paakehaa Who Have Plundered Maaori (M?ori) Culture Since Their Arrival, With A Purposeful Conquest Of Other Races And Cultures Around The World — Which Proves An Entirely Endemic Blemish On The Paakehaa Genetic Code — The Same Genetic Traits / Animal Instincts That Exhibit To Others: As Brazen Un-Apologetic Wretched Paakehaa Thieves. Even With All Of The Paakehaa ‘Law Factories’, Yet Scant Enforcement Is Observed By The Maaori (M?ori) Victims — Where The Paakehaa Thieves Set The Agenda.
    They, The Paakehaa Will And Have Stolen The Pennies From Your Own Mother’s Eyes:

    “I may state without fear of contradiction that there is not one inch of land in the New Zealand Islands which is not claimed by the Maoris; and I may also state thate there is not a hill, or a valley, stream, river, or forest, which has not a name, the index of some point of Maori history”

    — John White
    Maori Land Tenure (pg. 185)

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