Apr 17, 2021


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New opportunities for Social Entrepreneurship in Wellington

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A series of Good Enterprise workshops for budding social entrepreneurs is beginning with a launch party this Thursday evening (14 March) in Wellington.

logo_small-10b7e9ad81da21ee8bb6ca5e4b358819The Good Enterprise workshop series is being put on by the crew from Enspiral, a Wellington hub for Social Enterprise, alongside the team behind the innovative locally based education platform called Chalkle.These organisations have collaborated with the Sustainability Trust whose new base in Forresters Lane, off Tory Street, will be the venue for the workshops.

Enspiral intern and co-organiser Kaye-Maree Dunn says the momentum for the Good Enterprise series reflects the rise and rise of social entrepreneurship as a distinct way of starting and growing new businesses.

We knew the time had arrived to create this type of launchpad because there is a very real demand for it, says Kaye-Maree.

More and more people want and need to know more about what it takes to manage a venture that contributes directly to social or community goals. Thats the driving force for these workshops, which are being targeted to be as affordable as possible for anyone in the community who might be seeking options to upskill and to learn about social entrepreneurship from several angles.

The workshops themselves will be covering everything from testing ideas for viability through to ways to survive as an entrepreneur. There is also a strong connection to the social entrepreneurship intern programme established at Enspiral and we expect there will be some stories that will be emerging from that programme as well, says Kaye-Maree.

The workshops wouldnt be happening without access to workshop facilitators who have a real depth of experience and expertise in this field to share. Were very fortunate to have people involved like Viv Maidaborn, Michael Elwood-Smith, Alex Hannant, Joshua Vial, Rochelle Furneaux, Ray Wolken and many others.

A total of 10 Good Enterprise workshops and one masterclass will be run between 19 March and 30 April. Details of the full programme are available online atwww.chalkle.comandwww.enspiral.eventbrite.com

Contact Heidi Vial for further information 0223105246

1 thought on “New opportunities for Social Entrepreneurship in Wellington

  1. while reading about the workshops, memories have given oneself quite a up lift. Inspired and reaffirmed the get up and go mood, mode, code. That’s the earlier moto use you know, but if we can develop an adjoining favor, tuakana & teina situation, this would create not quite the same as what we have all experienced, but a complete evaluated system . I personally believe that because the youth of today have totally become separatist, and pulled away from their true protocols as a maori would suggest confiding with a dominant collaboration. The tool in favor of protocol use which has been most inspiring as a trained Maori Watini, was then and still is now the delivery and use of the
    term known as segregation. But may I add, this is not with out our maori perspectives passed down by our tupuna.

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