Apr 18, 2021


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He Wero – Te Koha O Marokura, Mike Smith

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6322_588797871131849_2022527613_nThis is Te Koha O Marokura an underwater canyon of the coast of Kaikoura that is cited as the most biologically diverse undersea canyons in the world. It literally spews out life and is responsible for seeding most of the east coast of Te Wai Pounamu … It has been recommended for inclusion as a world heritage site because of its unique abundance … it is adjacent to where the American oil company Anadarko wants to drill for oil in water up to 3000 metres deep … We plan to fuck them up … The government is trying to stop us … Ko te tino putake o Anadarko ratou ko te kawanatanga ko te whai moni ne … ki tou matou? ko teoranga me te mauri o te moana … ma wai e tu hei tautoko?

na Mike Smith

2 thoughts on “He Wero – Te Koha O Marokura, Mike Smith

  1. Be ready be prepared, make it heard we dont want these guys here screwing our country over. The time will come for action

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