Apr 13, 2021


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Kai Time on the Road returns to Maori TV TONIGHT

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Ever had a crab nip your toe at the beach? The culprit is most likely the paddle crab and youre invading his turf.

paddlecrabWell unlucky for them thats exactly what Kai Time wants to do as this delicacy is on the menu as Kai Time on the Road returns to Maori TV on Monday 8th April at 7.30pm.

We shuffle along the shores of Tauranga with a team of NIWA Scientists who monitor the breeding patterns of the crabs. A group of people who deal with fresh water and marine life to help sustainability for fisheries and other important resources.

After receiving our crab quota for helping out we then trap our talented Ngai Te Rangi speaker Reon Tuanau for some sweet tasting korero about our kai of the day.

As soon as the korero is delivered the bbq is cranked up, the pot is pulled out and seasonings and spices are put to the test to create another Kai Time specialty Crab and Corn Bisque Buon Apetitto!

Be sure to tune in to Maori Television for more of Kai Time On The Road, with Peter Peeti, Maori TVs very own Celebrity chef


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