Prime Minister increases Kings College funding by an eye-watering 40% in just two years


Todays revelation that the government is giving active consideration to increasing state subsidies to private schools in the budget (RNZ story today) is another sickening example of the National/Act/Maori Party governments distorted priorities.

Kings_College_4155429472_normalGovernment subsidies to private schools have increased dramatically since John Key took office four years ago.

When public schools are being told funding is limited in tough economic times the government has been pouring money hand over fist into elite private schools which are the schools of choice for National/Act cabinet ministers.

For example at the Prime Ministers school of choice for his son, Kings College, government subsidies increased by an eye-watering 40% ($1,663,585 to $2,325,587) from 2009 to 2011.

The figures for all private schools are shocking.

Consider these examples:

2009 2010 2011
Kings College 1,663,585 2,152,669 2,325,587
St Cuthberts 2,027,070 2,553,203 2,836,908
Kristin School 2,222,284 2,734,602 2,912,394
AGC Parnell 789,880 1,206,459 1,426,547
Diocesan School 2,057,681 2,740,298 2,940,455
Scots College 1,072,920 1,378,084 1,509,437
Christs College 1,172,637 1,461,804 1,633,170
Rangi Ruru 1,160,013 1,446,897 1,580,950

Less than 4% of New Zealand children attend private schools and yet they have become the first priority for National in its education policy release.

In the lead-up to the budget QPEC urges the government to abandon plans to put another layer of icing on the private school cake and instead provide extra funding for the schools expected to educate the increasing numbers of victims of the governments economic policies.

John Minto
National Chairperson
Quality Public Education Coalition
(09) 8463173 (H)





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