Apr 22, 2021


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Saints release Maori designed guernsey

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St Kilda Football Club has unveiled its specially designed guernsey to be worn by the players in the first AFL match played for premiership points outside of Australia.

The guernsey acknowledges New Zealands heritage with Maori art patterns, and reflects our shared history across the Tasman.

“Given the historic occasion, we were keen to appropriately recognise New Zealand on our iconic Saints playing uniform,” St Kilda CEO Michael Nettlefold said.

“We are honoured to have Derek Lardelli bring this concept to life for the club. We are incredibly appreciative of the efforts of Toi Maori Aotearoa in assisting the club in this process and we are delighted with the end result. We can’t wait to show the jumper at Westpac Stadium next Thursday night.”

“The guernsey is available for sale at the game and we’d love to see as many of them as we can in the crowd as our players take to the field.”

Renowned New Zealand artist Derek Lardelli designed the guernsey to highlight the link between Australia and New Zealand.

Lardelli has experience in developing a new Haka for the national rugby team the All Blacks, and said it was important to celebrate the two proud countries on such a significant day in the history of both while also strongly representing Maori history.

Above the players numbers on the back is the complete design which incorporates images of a stingray and a hammerhead shark as well as the unique shape of the AFL football.


Media are able to obtain vision and grabs of Captain Nick Riewoldt taking part in a photoshoot for the New Zealand guernsey here: http://sainters.net/uploads/130417_NZ-Riewoldt.mov

Please contact St Kilda’s Media Department for any enquiries relating to the guernsey and St Kilda’s Anzac Day game


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