Apr 15, 2021


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Tainui space programme to send Sky Tower to Mars

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“Tainui are heading to space, the stars and beyond” announced Tukuroirangi Morgan today as Tainui unveiled its space programme. ”Much like our ancestors left Hawaiiki, finding a new home here in Aotearoa, so too today we will be heading into space to seek out new life for our people.”

7ec21036892130e4eafbIn a prestigious announcement this morning, Mr Morgan detailed plans to add booster rockets to the side of Auckland’s Sky Tower, hoping to launch a small crew into space by lunch time.

“With the help of Ngati Whatua and many of the local whanau, hapu and iwi, we want to follow in the footsteps of our ancestress Rona, who was taken up onto the Moon by Marama himself” said Mr Morgan.

“This will be one small step for Tainui, one giant peke for Maori-kind.”

The launch date has been set for 12.30pm today, following the sports news on TV3.

Source: Ministry of Truth, Easter Egg Division

2 thoughts on “Tainui space programme to send Sky Tower to Mars

  1. Kia ora Potaua,
    I would like to correct an obvious mistake in your story. We could never agree to the launch being carried live on TV3. Clearly, we would give this honour to Radio Tainui and Maaori Television – and yourselves of course!

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