Apr 12, 2021


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Te Arawa Hapu reject plans to confiscate land, walk out of meeting

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A group of significant Te Arawa Hapu rejected plans presented bythe New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) this morning, walking out of a meeting that looks to decimate traditional waahi tapu and disconnect whanau from their papakainga along the Owhata, Ngapuna areas.

Te Arawa Hapu reject land confiscationsHapu representatives from Ngati Hurungaterangi, Te Roro-o-te-Rangi and Ngati Uenukukopako, as well as various whanau and land trusts, met with NZTA and their consultants Opus International at the Millennium Hotel. After a short karakia and welcome, Harry Wilson, one of the NZTA Directors stood to make the announcement that the Eastern Arterial Route (EAR) option had been selected for development along the eastern lake side of Rotorua, much to the disgust of those who had gathered.

Mr Wilson indicated that a new formal process had now been initiated according to the Resource Management Act (RMA), that a alteration to the designation process under the RMA would be started and that all affected parties would now be notified by email.

Spokesperson for the 3 affected hapu, Hera Naera, responded to the shock announcement. ”We are disappointed with your decision as it will cut our whanau off from their lands.” The gathered hapu and whanau requested a formal letter, greater detail of the designated route, timelines and process options.

Mr Wilson continued by saying that NZTA and Opus would be meeting with the Rotorua District Council at 11am today to formally make their announcement.

Voices in the crowd could be heard to say that this process and decision had already been decided and that mitigation would now focus on pay offs and pay outs, rather than listening to the concerns of those whanau, hapu, marae affected.

It was then that all hapu and whanau members rose and left the hui, showing solidarity with each other and expressing their rejection of the proposed land confiscations.

NZTA and Opus will be attending the Rotorua District Council Infrastructure sub-committee at 11am today.

Source: TangataWhenua.com



4 thoughts on “Te Arawa Hapu reject plans to confiscate land, walk out of meeting

  1. Ae tika tono ka aroha ki nga Hapu e toru mo tou whenua
    ka hoki nga korero e pa ana ki te whenua he wahi tapu ki matou
    i reira i whakatongia a Ngatoroirangi he kohatu pounamu ko tona ingoa
    ko te Rua o papamoa he kohatu mauri he ta koha mai a Tamatearikinui
    o te waka takitimu. Heoi ano kia kaha tatou ki te pupuri ki nga korero ki wa tatou kawa ki wa tatou na whenua.

    1. E Rawiri tika au korero i rongo ahau ki era korero ki oku aati Iri, Tine, Tehe me toku papa Ropata (Hona). Maha nga tangata e tarai ana ki te mou tera pounamu mauri engari ka nuku haere.

  2. Whitemans ace in the hole.go pull that bull to your monarchy get going.they are in for a surprise and there aint no one in rotorua who can help them you in ohinemutu who back this heap of tangi coming prepare yourselves.who am I oh just some wild mannered reporter who don’t like real Crooks stealing someones land look at tuhourangi ship sinking I hear anywho you have been told Peata wife of Hona ngatete my great grandmother these are her lands

  3. No surprises there whanau, The Government of New Zealand through legaslation created the resource management act for this exact purpose, making it legal to somewhat blindside and force thier proposals upon the tangata whenua of the land in question and do so with no thought or regard for waahi tapu or the tangata whenua who are bound to the land through whakapapa,and culture,and how these are detriment to the identity of te iwi maori. Honour the treaty kawanatanga and stop manipulating and changing the flawed system that our country is foundated on, wankers!!

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