Apr 15, 2021


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Maori academic involved in First Nations protest movement

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20130513-183034.jpg(Radio NZ) A Ngati Pukenga academic working at the University of Alberta says a highlight of his time in Canada has been helping First Nations people stand up for their indigenous rights.
Dr Brendan Hokowhitu arrived in Alberta’s provincial capital, Edmonton, at the beginning of the year, to run the Native Studies faculty.

He is the first Maori academic to lead an indigenous studies faculty in Canada.

Dr Hokowhitu said native people in Alberta are starting to stand up for themselves in ways similar to those used by the early Maori protest movements more than 30 years ago.
He said he was fortunate to arrive in the country when one of the most significant indigenous protest movements in Canada, called Idle No More, had just started and was gaining momentum.

Dr Hokowhitu said native people in Canada are starting to challenge the federal government about a lack of consultation over big decisions affecting their tribal areas.

Radio New Zealand

2 thoughts on “Maori academic involved in First Nations protest movement

  1. Tautoko Tia there has always been First Nations resistance to colonisation. Also why is a Native scholar not running the Native Studies Department. For me this is as distasteful as a Pakeha running a Maori studies department

  2. kia ora mai…with all due respect to Maori that tautoko and are in solidarity with Indigenous movement around the globe, this article seems somewhat narrow minded and protrays Dr Hokowhitu as being ignorant to the fact that First Nations People have NEVER been Idle and native people are not just “starting” to stand up for themselves! like all of us they have been surviving the colonial oppressor for hundreds of years and there has ALWAYS been resistance!…
    thank you!

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