Apr 11, 2021


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Maori Economic Development Advisory Board Established

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The Ministers of Economic Development and Maori Affairs have appointed a five member Advisory Board to assist in the implementation of the recently adopted Maori Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan, He Kai Kei Aku Ringa.

The strategy and action plan, prepared by the independent Maori Economic Development Panel, provides a blue print for Maori economic development through to 2040.

The Advisory Boards responsibilities are on-going stewardship, monitoring and evaluation of the strategy and how it will be implemented.

The five-member Board will be chaired by Ngahiwi Tomoana, currently the chair of Ngati Kahungnunu Iwi Incorporated.

The other members are:

Debbie Ngarewa Packer – Chief Executive Officer of Ngati Ruanui

Pania Tyson-Nathan – Chief Executive Officer of Maori Tourism

Kingi Smiler, who holds multiple governance roles including Chairing Miraka Ltd, the Wairarapa Moana Incorporation and the Tairawhiti Land Development Trust

Hilton Collier – a farmer and farm advisor based in Wairoa with strong experience in M?ori agribusiness

The appointment of Ngahiwi Tomoana and Debbie Packer, previous Panel Chair and Panel member respectively, will bring background knowledge and continuity to the Advisory Board. The other Advisory Board members contribute a diversity of experience in business and particularly in businesses in which M?ori are well-represented, Mr Joyce says.

Dr Sharples says He Kai Kei Aku Ringa sets out six goals to support Maori economic growth including greater educational participation and performance, building a skilled and successful workforce, increasing financial literacy and savings, enabling growth, development of natural resources, and Maori Inc. as a driver of economic growth.

In essence it is supporting our Maori economic development on a broad front, and this skilled and experienced group of people are charged with guiding and refining the direction of the Strategy and Action Plan over the next 5 years.

The board will report directly to the two Ministers on their achievements.

Media contact:

Charlotte Haycock (Steven Joyce) 021 359 076

Kaapua Smith-Purkis (Dr Pita Sharples) 021 943 070

1 thought on “Maori Economic Development Advisory Board Established

  1. Looks like another plastic Maori committee of IWI leaders who are not necessarily qualified in the right context and have been appointed because they are the few Maori Joyce actually knew. Given the current government performance of directing the countries forward looking development sector this new committee won’t achieve squat like all the previous incarnations gone before. I say this because not one of them is a proven innovator, inventor, engineer, scientist, technology savvy or global entrepreneur type person, which is the skill set required to direct and advise Maori economic development going forwards into what will be a deadly hostile environment in more ways than one. No mention of rapid climate change from skeptic Joyce as per usual. Maori leaders much the same and away in Lala land too. Pity you all Maori if this is the best you can do. I guess as a peoples you have forgotten or rather forsaken the ability and intelligence to preempt and make measures to adapt to foreseeable threats such as climate change like your ancestors did. Ah well them the breaks I guess. Pity.

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