Apr 13, 2021


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The Edge DJ’s Uncle Bully tweet makes light of child sexual abuse

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Dom(Stuff.co.nz) Radio DJ Dom Harvey has apologised after a tweet he published that appeared to make light of child molestation.

In a tweet relating to last night’s episode of X Factor, when Grace Ikenasio was eliminated, Harvey wrote: “Poor Gracie! First molested in her own bed by uncle bully [sic]. And now kicked out of #xfactornz.”

The comment appeared to be a reference to a tragic story line in the movie Once Were Warriors.

Harvey, a DJ on radio station The Edge’s morning show Jay-Jay, Mike and Dom, later deleted and apologised for the tweet, but not before getting into a war of words with comedian Rose Matafeo.

Matafeo called for her 6000-plus followers tounfollow Harvey in relation to his tweet.


In response, Harvey tweeted: “There is this Kiwi who calls herself a ‘comedian’ who is asking her small pocket of followers to unfollow me. This may be her best joke ever.

But early this morning, he backtracked – ahead of an appearance by Grace Ikanasio on his morning show today.

In an apology, he also conceded the tweet was not funny.

I have deleted a tweet I wrote last night. It was supposed to be funny. On reflection, it was not. Sorry for any offence caused.

In Ikenasio’s appearance on the Jay-Jay, Mike and Dom show this morning, the tweet was not mentioned.

Instead, Harvey told Ikenasio she “had done us proud” and if he had the choice, the show would only promote her in the campaign to be the wildcard contestant on X Factor.


Harvey apologised again on air, but did say media headlines were “sensationalist”.

He said at the time of the tweet, he’d had a “few wines under the belt”.

“It’s a fictional movie… But it was wrong and I took that tweet down and I apologised.”

Harvey said Ikenasio sent him a tweet last night and didn’t take it to heart.

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