Apr 13, 2021


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Deadly mix of petrol and candles may have lead to fire at Rotorua party which “reeked of petrol”

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rotorua-factory-fireA young girl is dead after fire burned through a warehouse where teens were having a party in an industrial part of Rotorua last night.

TangataWhenua.com has been in touch with rangatahi who were at the party earlier in the night who said there possibly was a petrol generator being used and candles were used to light the place. Those in attendance said the place “reeked of petrol” and groups of teens were both drunk and huffing (inhaling petrol).

As news spread, friends of the girl expressed their sadness:

While a Ngati Pikiao rangatahi lamented the realities of not understanding the dangers of fire and deeply saddened by the loss of one of their own.


Investigators are looking into the cause of the blaze and will provide information once it has been confirmd.

(Rotorua DailyPost) Police were called to the Riri Street address around 11.15pm where the party had spilled out onto the road and fighting had occurred.

The party was closed down and four boys were arrested for disorderly behaviour – three are 16 years old and one 15. All four have been referred to Youth Aid.

Five male teenagers were treated at Rotorua Hospital for minor injuries sustained during the disorder.

Emergency services later responded to a fire at the same address to find a small number of people were still at the building.

A local female was found dead at the scene, and six other teenagers were taken to Rotorua Hospital – four suffering smoke inhalation and two suffering from burns.

Anyone with information about the fire is being urged to contact Rotorua police on 07 348 0099.

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