Apr 15, 2021


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New te reo Maori App set to launch

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A new mobile phone application developed by Victoria Universitys Faculty of Education, Te Kura Maori, looks set to change the way New Zealanders learn te reo Maori.

arohatereoThe Kura App includes a range of games modules that allow users to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Maori language. Users are timed and can pit their skills against others via a scoreboard.

“There didnt seem to be any applications that catered to people with some degree of proficiency in te reo. We wanted to provide a platform thats not only educational, but also engages the audience, which is why we opted for the games format.”

Mrs McKenzie says the team spent most of last year working with local app developers to create the concept. It was initially envisaged as a resource solely for teachers of Maori, but the scope was soon widened to include a more generic audience.

“Our primary audience is the teachers we work with at Kura Kaupapa (language immersion schools) and in the field, but we believe everyone should be able to learn te reo Maori, so weve decided to make it publicly available and free to download.”

Mrs McKenzie says before users access the modules and games, they can create an Avatar, or alter ego, which involves choosing their hair, eyes, nose, mouth, clothes and even accessories.

Users can then progress through the levels at a competitive pace.

She believes Kura is a first for New Zealand and says the Te Kura Maori team has achieved its aim of creating an educational, fun and challenging way to learn te reo.

“The feedback so far has been really positive and users say it makes them want to learn.”

The app is being launched on Wednesday 12 June from 10.30am at Akopia Marae on Victoria Universitys Karori Campus.

The app will initially be available to Apple iPhone users with a roll-out for Android phones and desktops further down the track.

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