Apr 15, 2021


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Now that Hone Harawira has been openly attacked by this white lies media, I am inspired and am moving into investigate the Housing Industry of New Zealand under Tohunga Korowai o RangiMarie RESEARCH to produce proof of whats been happening why Maori are un-housed by the crowns fake governance. Lets look at history, and read the patterns – for there lays the truth, in a full attack on a complete

FAILURE of british crown LEADERSHIP representation from local governance bodies such as council courthouses & the beehive courthouse of Wellington.

FAILURE TO HOUSE MAORI in common sense governing under their treaty agreement of duty of care management promises including

EQUAL RIGHTS STANDARDS of housing, instead of shack housing, rental housing, and HOMELESSNESS on the scales of balance & justice. They are not honouring Victoria’s treaty, they are honouring elizabeths CROWN courthouses guarded by banks in charge!

FAILURE TO QUESTION & INVESTIGATE the housing Industry including what greed for profit businesses such as BANKS & the REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY, have done to the housing industry of New Zealand and a FAILURE to call them to account for a crackdown – limiting banks profits & the real estate agents profits or they FACE JAIL placement!.

FAILURE TO DRIVE AROUND AND COMPARE HOUSING IN THEIR LOCAL AREAS: We just need to drive around the poorest areas of town take phtos of the houses, compare them to whats for sale in the REAL ESATAE mazagines printed weekly.

FAILURE TO ADDRESS GREEDY BUSINESSES eg BANKS & REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Banks greed for profit fees make it impossible for a loan as repayments and the failure of paying gives banks the right to take home & properties from whanau & sell it to the highest bidder whether foreign or not!!

FAILURE TO INVESTIGATE WHY NEW ZEALAND IS ON A LOWER ACCOUNTING SYSTEM: The decemal point accounting system on the NZX reports, why are we not on the pounds and shilling accounting system seeing the queen of england is supposed to be the governing head? Equal rights an equal counting system??

Instead we have been purposely placed on a LOWER counting system in subjection & submission. This also makes it easy for foreigners to takeover, and impossible for NZers to buy homes for their families!!

Lets do our own investigations and stand up fight back against MORE white lies of Adult behaviour that needs correction & a crackdown address for JUSTICE!

I will be working on this over the next week to complete a REPORT if needed for presenting, we just need to drive around areas of the community the proof is right in front of all, and compare to bank charges – recognising AUSTRALIA has taken over NZ banks.

Compare this with real estate magazines selling mansions for millions! And PUBLICLY judge them from there!!

Where is the PM what has he to say about this? More white lies!!



(MISA) Maori investigative Studies Authority

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07 345 3568 or (027) 247 7049

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