Mar 5, 2021

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Dealer sells 28th Maori Battalion Veteran medals on TradeMe

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Kia ora whanau

276714513It was with great shock that we came across this korero on Facebook:

“Kia ora tatau,

Whanau of Pte George Rihia (62875), enlisted at Tokaanu. Medals apparently belonging to your koroua are for sale on TradeMe.

He pouri tenei ahuatanga. Me mau tonu tatau ki enei taonga a o tatau papara, koroua ranei.

Mauri ora!”


We clicked to check it out and sure enough, a set of medals were being auctioned.

Here are the details from the auction site:


939 Star ,Africa Star,British War Medal,NZ War Service Medal,Memorial Cross named 62875 Pte G Rihia 2NZEF28th Maori Battalion

George Rihia died in the Western Desert on 28th June 1942 at the age of 23.

He is buried at El Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt.

With photocopies of his record from the Cenotaph database, History-Sheet, Record of Promotions, etc, record of casualties and a letter from a relative giving more details.

Housed in a blue and red velvet box with case for memorial cross

Medals are court mounted

Mint condition

See my other listings. Items won on the same day can be combined to save postage/courier costs.
This item is offered for sale by John R Eccles of Wellington.
I am a licensed dealer in collectables
GST is included in the sale price. Please ask if you want a tax invoice.
If you are not satisfied with the condition of any item it can be returned for a full refund

Aue, aue.

What do you think whanau?


3 thoughts on “Dealer sells 28th Maori Battalion Veteran medals on TradeMe

  1. Hmm it appears whanau may have sold them. The memorial cross is given to the next of kin of one who has been killed in action. Very sad to see. Kia mau mahara tonu tatou ia ratou

  2. As sad as it is, he would not have them to sell unless the whanau gave or sold them to begin with.

  3. Aue…my question is how did this mans mana come to be auctioned off to the highest bidder? How can such a thing have happened? It is truly sad.

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