Masquerade against the GCSB + TICS Bills: Palmerston North


Here in Palmerston North We are calling for a Masquerade against the GCSB! Come in disguise! Dress as your favourite (or not so favourite) spy, politician, or conspiracy icon.


Bring your husband, bring your wife …. bring someone else’s husband or wife. Whatever you do. Don’t come as you!!!

Spot prizes for the best disguises.

On the 27th of July, 2013 there will be a nation wide protest taking place in regards to the GCSB and TICS bills.

We the people need to stand up for our rights to privacy!

Join us and the rest of New Zealand in protest on the 27th of July!

Can’t make it? In solidarity with the protests change your wifi network name to gcsb surveillance van

More info:

Dissecting the GCSB

Dame Anne Salmond: A warning to New Zealanders keep hold of democracy

Protesting the GCSB + TICS Bills: Nationwide!

Facebook Event Page:



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