Apr 13, 2021


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Minto for Mayor policy on affordable housing

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Auckland is in the grip of catastrophic market failure in housing which has left Aucklanders with:

  • Developers building houses only for upper-income earners
  • A drastic shortage of affordable rental accommodation
  • High rents for poor quality accommodation
  • Land speculators ripping us off
  • Housing policies for property investors rather than first-home buyers

At a national level


Mana will transfer the current bias in favour of property investors to first home buyers. We will do this by imposing a tough capital gains tax on property investors and using some of that money to run a home ownership scheme operated via Kiwibank which would provide low-interest loans for families who had demonstrated a savings history showing they could service a mortgage. I myself bought my first home in 1986 using what was then a Post Office Savings Bank home ownership account.

Times have changed since then but not the need for families to have affordable homes and the opportunity to own their own home.

At the local level

To address the chronic shortage of affordable rental housing in Auckland Minto for Mayor would have the building of 20,000 affordable council rental homes underway in the first term of mayor.

A stand-alone unit with $200 million in seeding funding would be tasked with starting this job which will be further funded with income from betterment levies on land speculators and property developers (see later) as well as the rental income from homes as they are rented out.

Auckland Council owns 300 hectares of land which is currently being assessed for housing suitability. If all this land could be built on then the building of up to 9000 affordable council rental homes would be possible without the need to purchase land. Other land would beacquired as needed.

These 20,000 homes would be built by the council utilizing cheaper rates for borrowing, cheaper building supplies through bulk-buying arrangements and reduced compliance costs.

As part of this policy the council will be prepared to work with community not-for-profit groups and innovative projects such as earthship homes where such groups have demonstrable community support and can provide high quality, affordable outcomes for families.

These council rental homes would set the standard for affordable, high quality living in Auckland.

Other features of the Minto for Mayor housing policy are:

Requiring property speculators and property developers to pay the increase in value on land when council zoning changes inflate the land value. (betterment charges)

– Establishing a Charter of Rights for Aucklanders in rental accommodation which would focus on tenure, rent and warrant of fitness standards

– Pressuring the government to allow Auckland City to impose rent controls till Aucklands housing affordability crisis is ove

– Requiring all new developments of more than 10 homes to have a minimum of 50% of affordable homes

More details of these policies are in the full Minto for Mayor housing release.

John Minto
Mana candidate for Mayor
[email protected]


1 thought on “Minto for Mayor policy on affordable housing

  1. Take what’s fair and due from the speculator markets and use that to build affordable houses.

    A socially sane idea.

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