Kohanga Reo in Sydney

Kohanga Reo in Sydney

BE quick people, these 10 spots will go very quickly!!!!

Kohanga Reo (Maori Pre-School) for Children in the Sydney region. If you know of any children or people who’d like their babies to go to Kohanga Reo please contact Ema Williams on 0406 997 243

Kia ora koutou katoa,

TO DO – Whanau that are interested in sending their children to Kohanga Reo please contact me ASAP to discuss enrolment needs.

Once we have 10 TAMARIKI CONFIRMED then classes can start. We have a teacher, we have a facility so all we need now are the tamariki.

Classes will be Thursdays & Fridays from 9-12 and will be run from the Brightstars Early Learning Childhood Centre (ELCC) in Macquarie Fields. The initial program will be 10 weeks long with the view to continuing indefinitely

TO DO – If you are interested in volunteering to help this kaupapa please contact me. Volunteering could be helping out in the class environment, or maybe helping preparation of teaching resources, or helping with the administration then we would love your help

TO DO – If you know of other Kohanga Reo groups in Sydney please forward their contact details to me so I make contact with these groups

- The overview of the teaching program is in the process of being reviewed and signed off

- We have made contact with Te Kohanga Reo National Trust back home in New Zealand. Their response was positive and are they are assisting our efforts here in Sydney

- We have made contact with another key provider of Maori language lessons (adult classes) here in the Macarthur Region. They have indicated that they are happy to support our kaupapa as much as possible, how ever they can

- We will be interviewed on Maori community radio (88.9 FM) on Saturday 24th August at 7:30am. This is to raise awareness of the initiative to start a Kohanga Reo here in the Macarthur region of Sydney and another key initiative I am involved in – Ririki (a Maori parenting program)

Thank you to everyone for the ongoing support & guidance.

Please continue to share these panui.

Nga mihi,



  • Ema Williams

    Kia ora Sheina,

    Ae yes we have need for more Kaiako. Please contact me directly on email ema.williams@ymail.com or on mobile 0407 372 542.

    Warmest regards,


  • https://www.facebook.com/battleshowgun Lee Kingi

    Tena koe Ema ko Lee Kingi taku ingoa. My whanau and I are thinking of returning back to Australia however one of the things that is stopping me is that my girls currently attend Kohanga and I don’t want to pull them out. Is your Kohanga up and running? I am well versed in Te Kaupapa o Te Kohanga Reo so would be more than happy to Awhi where possible if we were to come. If you could please let me know at your earliest convenience that would be appreciated.

    Kia ora koe

    • Ema Williams

      Tena koe Lee Kingi.

      Firstly my sincere apologies. I was not aware that our panui had been posted here. Arohamui.

      Ae our Kohanga are up and running with another 5 planned for 2014. In Sydney we have Kohanga in Macquarie Fields, Riverwood, Minto and St Clair.

      Please feel free to call me or email me on ema.williams@ymail.com

      Warmest regards,


  • sheina taramai

    Kia Ora Ema

    My name is Sheina Taramai, no Taranaki,Ngati Porou me Ngai Tuhoe ahau.
    I am currently living in Parramatta and have a patai. My cousin has moved here from Whanganui and has found himself work installing Air Cons into homes. Unfortunately due to the amount of dust he worked through he got mauiui and his skin reacted badly to the dust. My cousin has a kaiawhina background, he was one of the first pupil at TKKM O Tupoho,he has grown with the Maori language. He has all his Tohu from back home and was regarded as a big asset to the Kohanga. My patai is, do you have any spaces available or know of any Kohanga in the Sydney region looking for anymore Kaiako. It would mean so much to our whanau as we would hate to see my cousin lose his special gift. He is currently in Sutherland shire area with whanau but noone out there speaks the Reo
    If you could help or have any suggestions it’ll be much appreciated.
    Thank yo

    Sheina Taramai

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