Apr 12, 2021


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Lynlee Wairama Aitcheson For Hawkes Bay District Health Board

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Bringing change to mind 1 person at a time

Im Lynlee Aitcheson, Hawkes Bay born and bred and founder of Telebell Communications. This is my third candidacy since 2007 and I seek election to the Board.

There are real challenges ahead with at risk populations and Im ready to do the hard work, raise these concerns and bring new perspective and energy addressing solutions. I bring a depth and understanding of the disability sector, and support holistic living and Rongoa .

I love my work because it improves healthier living standards encouraging HeatSmart Grants across New Zealand. It matters to me that I make a difference with respiratory illness, Rheumatic fever and other conditions derived from living in cold, damp houses.

Ive managed Bi Polar 30 years and stand against the stigma of mental illness with your support I can act as a portal removing misconceptions and barriers. My life is one of service to my community.

My principal place of residence is within the DHB area.

Ko Kahuranaki te maunga
Ko Poukawa te waiu
Ko Ngati Kahungunu te iwi
Ko Rangikoianake te hapu
Ko kahuranaki te marae
Ko takitimu te waka
Ko Hapuku te tangata
Ko Lynlee Wairama Aitcheson taku ignoa


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