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Monthly Romiromi Health Clinic, Rotorua

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21410_10201879258001812_121457756_nOnce a Month we hold a 2-day Romiromi Health Clinic for the
Monday’s and Thursday’s 6pm-8pm of the same week.

Monday’s at Te Roro-o-Te-Rangi, Kuirau marae and
Thursday’s at Tutanekai(Te Roro-o-Te Rangi), Owhata marae



19/8/2013 Monday, 6pm-8pm, Te Roro-O-Te Rangi, Kuirau marae
22/8/2013 Thursday 6pm-8pm, Tutanekai(Te Roro-o-Te Rangi), Owhata marae

Contact: Hemi Bennett 022 349 6604 or Rawiri Te Kowhai 021 061 4868 for Bookings.


Romiromi is for individuals who have back pains, sore muscles require stress and pain relief. Romiromi is not mirimiri but also incorporates this technique by pressing the haemata(pressure points) on the body. A powhiri is done to each individual as romiromi is a spiritual connection and involves the male and the female kaitiaki, whatukura and mareikura, these heavenly guardians who do the work. Romiromi workers are merely vessels our ancestors do the work and the individual also help in the healing process for individual people.

The Romiromi Health Clinic will work on a koha basis. 10-20max people where individuals fill in a form of their ailments and point out where their pain and stress is on their bodies. Each person who fills in a form will get 15mins table or floor work.

Romiromi is an energy release, stress is drawn from the cellular memory and moves it to the ahi ka the internal twin flames. It is here where the individual releases the bad energy that doesnt serve them with the help of each Romiromi worker.

The Romiromi Health Clinic is not a deep release, However private & wananga seasons can be booked just indicate your interest on the form. Check your marae and listen to the radio for announcements.

(Please enter these dates in your diary – Next Dates To Be Confirmed).

August (Currently Booked)
19/8/2013 Monday, 6pm-8pm
22/8/2013 Thursday 6pm-8pm
(Romiromi will be in Whare Rehia).

16/9/2013 Monday, 6pm-8pm
19/9/2013 Thursday 6pm-8pm

14/10/2013 Monday, 6pm-8pm
17/10/2013 Thursday 6pm-8pm

18/11/2013 Monday, 6pm-8pm
21/11/2013 Thursday 6pm-8pm

Contact: Hemi Bennett 022 349 6604 or Rawiri Te Kowhai 021 061 4868 for Bookings.

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