Apr 12, 2021


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Twitter captures reaction and damage of severe Wellington quake #eqnz (+photos)

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Once again the best way to find out what is happening during major events is to check Twitter. The following photo were shared there and detail reaction to the quake as well as the aftermath. Strong aftershocks continue to hit the region after a 6.2 struck the area around Seddon just before 3pm this afternoon.


@Seeby People deserting Welly CBD after quake. Uni buildings closed for inspection. Decent jolt EQNZ pic.twitter.com/9Kjv1mLAcZ pic via @nickchapmannz


?@ohemilyjane Damage to the Victoria Uni Kelburn Library, very very very scary @eqnz pic.twitter.com/QCn5bloUKy


Scott Higham-Lee [email protected]scotthighamlee 5 mins after the quake from my office. Wellington gathers. #eqnz pic.twitter.com/pKfMEecXTV


Stuff.co.nz News [email protected]NZStuff Church roof damage in Seddon following today’s quake #eqnz pic.twitter.com/3Oy2B423QN


@nzdrug: Our office #eqnz pic.twitter.com/KqnhQiXF8n


Shilo Kino [email protected]hilokino 19m

Photo from Victoria University. Lol at the guy in white. #EQNZ pic.twitter.com/clbhjbwhoM

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