Apr 15, 2021


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Vote Janine Rangi Marie Bosma for Mayor of Rotorua

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Tena koutou katoa,
Ko RangiMarie ahau, also Janine Rangi Marie Bosma

1150871_642600215758753_1598239581_nKo Te Arawa waka, Ko Maketu te moana, Ko Tongariro ki Ngongotaha te maunga,
Marae: Pakira & Tamatekapua. Daughter of Harley & Maria, Am great great mokopuna of Te Paea Kiriwera King (Kingi), who was daughter of Kaingaroa (hence Kaingaroa forest) Kaingaroa was Hinemoa’s sister (hence Hinemoa point). Old governing lines with a new face.

What promoted you to run for Mayor?
Who promoted the last Farmer for Mayor, Kevin Winters? I was at Youth center volunteering when Mr important raised his profile from there, if a cow cocky can run for mayor…anyone can people!! And hey I don’t see Trevor Maxwell stepping up? I have the blessing/promotion from those who signed my candidacy form.

2. What can you offer Rotorua that the other 4 candidates do not?
Being Maori. I am more YOUTHFUL with a sparkle of wisdom too. A female asserted authority in a MALE ego DOMINATED governance. Duty of Care common sense, practical leadership this council has failed to bring up to this point. Am a wahine (woman) of many creative talents. Teachings of pattern reading investigations that can only come through Tohunga Korowai (Maori cloak) practises, and Im the first IN THE WORLD to do this using a set scales to judge in governance decision making.

3. Where would you like Rotorua to go under your leadership?
A spa city for locals and other New Zealand towns to come to and enjoy for purposes of healing. Maori Tourism will always be our future! Common sense tells me housing & food production provisions for those locals homeless.

I would like this council fully replaced with TE ARAWA Maori Council as first & final authority seeing my ancestors of this area NEVER signed Te Riti o Waitangi. In the season of Treaty setllements. Queen Victorias treaty led to Queen Ellizabeths 3 courthouses:

1. Common courthousing

2. Borough/Council chamber courthouses

3. Beehive courthouse Wellington.

4. What do you think are the biggest issues facing our district?

Can immigration kill the tourism industry??

A takeover of too many foreign immigrants threatens the unique New Zealand accent. Over MINING geothermal areas, too much council spraying of poisons.

Too MANY authority bodies over-riding eachother – who has final say?? Immigrant buying out local businesses that send profits off-shore?

5. What do you do for a living? Do you have children?

I am a wahine of many talents including a Manu Waiata entering lockwood aria here for the last 3 years married with tamariki. Was volunteer guiding at Rotorua Museum under Pukaki’s return.

Also, From humble beginnings, as a stay at home mama of young tamariki I turned to the ancient Maori arts & crafts of my ancestors in Maori Cloak making the practice of Patterns graduated me to RESEARCH reading patterns of history to present reports. 1st pattern red is Te Riti o Waitangi. Maori arts craft stall holder at markets here.

6. What would you prefer to be known as in the article? I prefer to be called RangiMarie. I might even under go a name change

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  1. wot a dumassa dick. U want to get elected or what. You have just destroyed 95 percent of your electorate.

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