In 2014 I would like to see a government that listens to its people by Tiki Taane


In 2014 I would like to see a government that listens to its people.

A government that puts its people first as its most valuable asset.

I’d like to be able tosay that I’m proud of my government & prime minister, and trust that they have our best interests at heart with no personal agendas. I want to see our Tauranga MP Simon Bridges, the energy & resources minister, take a much cleaner & greener approach to sustainable energy within New Zealand.

Instead of putting all of us at horrendous risk with deep sea oil drilling & hydraulic fracturing, i want our minister to invest & support our countries innovators in growing a cleaner & smarter economy. Here in Aotearoa we have a wealth of resources & opportunities to become world leaders in clean, sustainable technology.

From solar & wind power, to wave & tidal generation, or wave energy.

From geothermal energy to wood based liquid fuels & biofuel technology, we have un-limited potential to create jobs, innovation & lead the world into a greener & cleaner future.

Mauri Ora! *tiki*




  1. You are awesome my brother Tiki. We will all continue to fight to bring a better future for our generations to come


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