May 15, 2021

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Support the Dunn Whanau

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Kia ora whanau

Aroha atu ki a koutou. Earlier today we received word from our from our close friend Kaye-Maree Dunn that their whare had burned due to an electrical fire, that everyone was safe but that they had lost nearly everything in the blaze. Within a few minutes, we also saw on Facebook that an appeal to tautoko our sis was up and running through (

Please read the following and click the link to help. Kia ora e nga manwanui e nga tanaga katoa. Kia kaha Kaye-Maree me otira Mita raua ko Te Rangiahuta.

We were shocked to find out that our amazing friends had lost their home and 90% of their possessions in a horrific house fire. Being so close to xmas our family and Tu Te Mauri Charitable Trust agreed to support this family by fundraising to help them get back on their feet.

On Dec 27th Mita, his sister Kaye-Maree and her son Te Rangiahuta of St Annes School lost their home and 90% of their belongings which was devastating. They are currently needing support to relocate to a new whare and purchase necessities. We are reaching out to our networks, family, friends and the local community to support this family in need.

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