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Tihei Tatauranga Umanga Māori, ka puta nga puna kōrero kei raro i a Matariki

Statistics New Zealand has released Tatauranga Umanga Māori 2015 – updated statistics on Māori authorities. This is their third official release of Māori authority statistics.

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Today’s report focuses on Māori business and economic development with information about the characteristics of Māori authorities, their financial position and performance, and business activities.

The findings of this year’s report reflect significant asset growth, based on strong, responsibly managed land and fishing assets, and diversification in industry and export markets.

The report also provides information about the project’s development of wider Māori economic statistics, and progress and future initiatives towards the project’s goal.

[quote_center]StatsNZ timed the release of this report and its streams of conversation, with Matariki as a way to recognise its importance.[/quote_center]

The report is the annual information release of the Tatauranga Umanga Māori project, a multi-year research project that involves defining and identifying the role of Māori businesses within the Māori and New Zealand economies. The project reflects our organisation’s strategic goals around unleashing the power of existing data for Māori, promoting informed decision making according to Māori aspirations.

This includes producing a holistic set of statistics in future reports, representing Māori economic, social, cultural, and environmental data.



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