Dutch company uses Maori-designs to market marijuana seeds


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Amsterdam based head-shop, Kiwiland.com is using Māori-motifs to market and sell marijuana supplies.

The site was recently launched and specialises in selling marijuana seeds and hydroponic gardening equipment.

The 10 year old company formally known as Dampkring Growshop launched their new site Kiwiland.com in late 2014.

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Kōrero on Facebook about the issue was mixed but most expressed displeasure at yet another example of Māori designs being used by companies who know nothing of Māori history or tikanga.

Questions sent to the company are yet to be answered but we are of the belief that the design was not created by Māori.

[quote_box_center]What do you think whānau?[/quote_box_center]

Does it reflect Māori imagery in a bad light or is it what we should expect in a globalised economy.


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Dutch drug policy is considered particularly unique. It takes a much more subjective approach to health and is premised on the fact that adults should have the right to decide on all matters related to their own personal health.

Although it is still technically illegal to smoke and sell marijuana according to their Opium Act, drug use is widely tolerated in a controlled and managed way (i.e. sale only to adults, no minors allowed in coffeehouses and no advertising drugs).




  1. Awsome What most Maori in New Zealand don’t know is that there are several cafes in Amsterdam that are owned by Maori families that have dutch whanau…It’s perfectly legal in Holland to smoke weed in these cafes…A Natura herbal remedy for many ills….kia ora dutch whanau smoke up..


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