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Hone and the Earthquake

Hone and the Earthquake

Hone’s departure from the Maori Party was an unexpected early release. It was not unanticipated but his announcement seemed intentionally coincided with the public and media interest in the tragic events of Christchurch. His announcement could have been postponed, it wasn’t by his people so why is that?

Was it to deflect attention away from an already time consuming media frenze earlier enjoying public opinion for the last month or is it a deliberate ploy to evaluate the current environment without interference and to plan the establishment of a new party without raising any flags of attention until the designated time?

Speculation is the doom bringer of all things, so my proposition maybe far reached considering the grief of this country at this moment in time and no offence is offered. We have all suffered a loss. However in chaos it is generally accepted there is opportunity so what perspective can be provided?

Political commentators in the NZ Herald claim that the hallmark for this National Government will be how it manages the aftermath of this earthquake. Pita Sharples is heavily managing and coordinating the Maori effort through his agency from Rehua Marae, and the last quarter of the financial year can only assist TPK and other agencies to expend an uncommitted budget into a plausible quake relief plan. Therefore minimising a bottleneck and releasing much needed funds into initiatives where Maori demand is low when compared to the general distribution of the Maori population.

This should buy the sentimental Maori vote normally the stranglehold of the Labour party and contribute to the slight lead currently enjoyed by the National party in that region. Nevertheless the Maori Party’s statement to reframe from contesting the Taitokerau seat in this year’s election is a misplaced act of loyalty and political suicide, an attempt of chivalry that will not only cost them dearly but also increase the deterioration of their vote base.

Mana Motuhake had learnt this lesson with the Alliance Party and we know what happened to them. Maybe Annette and Moana have finally decided to enter the public domain once and for all?

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